A Dal second heat: Six more acts qualify in Hungary

The second heat of A Dal, the Hungarian national selection took place in Budapest tonight. Ten more acts performed and six more acts qualified for the final via televoting and jury votes.  There will be one more heat of A Dal before the grand final to decide who will represent Hungary at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

The songs –
Gáspár Lacy & Plastikhead – A szeretet él
The song begins with a keyboard intro. There is a DJ at the back of the stage and a girl in red dress dancing.  The song builds in to an uptempo dance beat.  Gáspár is dressed in white suit.  A lively opening to the show.
Odett Ne engedj el
Odett is wearing long maroon dress and joined back four male backing singers.  The song starts slowly and has an upbeat rhythm.  The audience like this.  This could be a strong contender.
Ádám Szabó Hadd legyen más!
Ádám is playing an accordion and is joined by three girl and two boy dancers.  There are boxes on stage.  The song is mid tempo and towards the end there is a falsetto vocal.  The melody though is a little forgettable.
Gabi VölgyesiCsak te légy
Gabi is wearing an all black suit.  She is joined by two female backing vocalists.  A sort of gentle mid tempo song with some percussion and violins.  A confident performance.
Gyula Éliás Mindhalálig várni rád
Gyula is wearing a black jacket and black flat cap.  He is joined by two blonde girl vocalists.  Starts as a ballad but builds to a nice mid tempo melodic song.  Good vocals and strong performance.
Rami Puzzle
Rami is wearing short black glittery dress and black boots.  She is joined by four male dancers and a female backing vocalists.  The song is in a Rihanna style and builds in to a dance beat.  Lively performance.  The judges do not really care for this song and show.  In my opinion it is a good modern dance song that you can imagine in the charts in most countries right now.
Tamás Vastag Holnaptól
He begins sitting on a bench wearing a black blazer and white shirt with black tie.  The song is a ballad.  There are two girls and two boys as backing vocalists.  This is a gentle and almost anthemic song. The audience and the judges love this.
Byealex Kedvesem
Bearded Byealex is wearing a brown blazer with white piping and he is also wearing a black wool hat.  He is joined by a male guitarist and a female backing vocalist.  The song is acoustic and has a light rhythm to it.
Tamás VastagÚj generáció
Veca is wearing black pants and top and is joined by three girl backing vocalists and a female with two drums and a male on a hurdy gurdy instrument.  The song really builds with a strong rhythm.  Strong all round and dramatic stage performance. 
András Kállay-Saunders My baby
He is wearing black suit and red bow tie and is on stage with two female and two male backing vocalists.  This has nice harmonies and a summer feel to the song with a hint of Motown melody. Another big performance that both audience and jury appreciate very much.
The show –
The show started at 20:15 CET and it was hosted by Gábor Gundel-Takács with Éva Novodomszky and Márton Buda. The stage was large with effective lighting. There are stairs on the right of the stage. 
The voting:
The jury consisted of Csaba Walkó (Compact Disco, ESC 2012), Philip Rákay (Programme director), Jenő Csiszár (Radio presenter), Viktor Rakonczai (VIP, ESC 1997) and Magdi Rúzsa (ESC 2007). The voting is a combination of expert jury and televoting.  Kati Wolf (ESC 2011) performed Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion in the interval act.  Then we have Szente Vajk and he performs the Cliff Richard song, Summer Holiday.
The six acts to qualify are –
  • András Kállay-Saunders – jury vote
  • Gáspár Lacy & Plastikhead – jury vote
  • Odett – jury vote
  • Tamás Vastag – televoting
  • Gabi Völgyesi – televoting
  • Byealex – televoting 
Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest:
Hungary has participated at the Eurovision Song Contest ten times with Friderika Bayer as their first entrant in 1994. It left the competition after the 1998 contest, coming back in 2005 and reaching the 12th place with NOX. In 2006 the country announced it would not participate although it returned in 2007 with Magdi Rúzsa. In 2010 it withdrew due to financial reasons being back in 2011 with Kati Wolf. Last year, the band Compact Disco made it to the final where they were ranked in penultimate position with just nineteen points. 
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