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Melodifestivalen 2006: Andreas Johnson in focus

Did the jury or the public know best? The jury wanted to send Andreas Johnson to Eurovision with the song ‘Sing For Me’. The public however chose former Eurovision winner Carola. She scored a 5th place at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. But what if, the jury have had their way in the Swedish… Read more

These are the Eurovision rules fans want to change

Eurovision fans want the orchestra back, and they want to get rid of the Big 5 rule! That’s the common perception about Eurovision fans. If you actually ask them which rule they would change or introduce, you do get more interesting suggestions and nuances. Read more

Eurovision 1974: Sweden’s ABBA in focus

ABBA is legendary. The won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Waterloo’. Later they went on to become the second best selling band in the world. Their Eurovision winner is still remembered and loved by most fans. Read more

Eurovision 2016: Montengro’s Highway in focus

It was an unusual entry for Montenegro, and despite the band putting on their best charm, Highway failed to reach the final in 2016. Today’s Eurovision fans are quite mixed in their opinions when it comes to this entry ‘The Real Thing’. Read more

Our hopes and fears for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

It’s still summer and most of Europe has began to loosen up their Coronavirus restrictions. The Pandemic is however still very much present. It’s too soon to tell if, and how, it might affect the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. All over the world, fans hope for the best, but fear the worst. Read more

Eurovision 1980: Belgium’s Telex in focus

Whether it was the first ‘joke’ song in Eurovision, the Belgium entry from 1980 stands out. ‘Euro-Vision’ is a song which many fans enjoy as pure enjoyable entertaining, while others think this is a step too far. Read more

Eurovision 1987: Norway’s Kate Gulbrandsen in focus

She finished 9th at the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest. The height of her hair impressed many, and vocally Kate Gulbrandsen didn’t fail to deliver either in this Norwegian entry. ‘Mitt Liv’ stands as a musical highlight for Kate who lives a rather quiet life, often away from the spot life.  Read more

15 fans about their favourite Eurovision entry

Most of us can mention a whole range of Eurovision songs we love. Among those, there is often one (or a few), we just keep returning to over and over again. That song that speaks to us more than any other, and become our favourite Eurovision entry. Read more