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Eurovision 2005: Sweden’s Martin Stenmarck in focus

In 2005, Sweden scored their lowest result in 13 years when Martin Stenmarck didn’t charm the international audience with the song ‘Las Vegas’. 16 years later, some fans think it deserved much better, while others are unable to understand why it even won the Swedish selection. Read more

Eurovision 1986: Ireland’s Luv Bug in focus

Shoulder pads, high hair and an 1980’s sound. We are talking about Ireland’s 1986 entry. Could this 4th placed entry have been a winner with a bit more power? Eurovision fans are really split in their opinion on the song ‘You Can Count On Me’. Read more

Eurovision 2003: Norway’s Jostein Hasselgård in focus

After some disappointing results, Norway once again finished in top 5 in 2003. Jostein Hasselgård’s ‘Im Not Afraid To Move On’ scored a 4th place. When asked about this song, Eurovision fans are really split. Is it a well deserved result or is the song a boring lullaby? Read more

The moments we became Eurovision fans

For some fans there’s one instant moment they got hooked on the Eurovision Song Contest, for others it happened over several years. We all have each our little personal story to tell about how it all began. Read more

Eurovision 2016: Malta’s Ira Losco in focus

Malta sent their 2002 runner up Ira Losco to Eurovision for the second time in 2016 with the uptempo pop dance song ‘Walk On Water’. When reacting to that 4 year old entry, fans naturally compare to her first participation. Read more

Eurovision 1999: Iceland’s Selma in focus

With a second place, Selma was close to take home Iceland’s first Eurovision victory in 1999. More than 20 years later, we find Eurovision fans split about this one. Some still enjoy listening to it, while others find it overrated. Read more

Eurovision 1995: Cyprus’ Alex Panayi in focus

A political message to Greece wrapped in a dramatic beginning and a strong performance. That was what brought Cyprus a 9th place at the Eurovision Song Contest despite only 8 points from Greece. Eurovision fans look back on Alex Panayi’s ‘Sti Fotia’. Read more

Eurovision 1990: Ireland’s Liam Reilly in focus

A plea to his love affair to meet him various places in Europe, brought Liam Reilly a second place in 1990. Is this Ireland’s best non winning entry? ‘Somewhere In Europe’ is loved by many Eurovision fans, but there are also some who find it too boring. Read more