Eurovision 2006: Ukraine’s Tina Karol in focus

With the song ‘Show Me Your Love’ Tina Karol finished in 7th place at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. The up-tempo song was performed right after Lordi’s ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ giving Tina a tough act to follow. Since Eurovision Tina has become on of Ukraine’s biggest stars. Read more

Eurovision 1972: Ireland’s Sandie Jones in focus

1972 saw the contest held in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, the first time the contest was held outside of London in the contest’s history to that date. It was also the first year that Ireland celebrated their native language when they sent accomplished Singer Sandie Jones to the contest with her song ‘Ceol an… Read more

Eurovision 1990: Israel’s Rita in focus

Rita was Israel’s Singer of The Year and attention to detail had been paid to the song and performance. Still, the country only ranked 18th in Eurovision 1990. Did the entry aim too high in terms of sophistication or was the result simply justified? Read more

Eurovision 2008: Germany’s No Angels in focus

In 2008, Germany chose what had once been a popular girl band to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest. No Angels were picked to sing the song ‘Disappear’, but unfortunately it all went horribly wrong. The band ended up sharing the least amount of points with Poland and The United Kingdom. Read more

Eurovision 2003: Russia’s t.A.T.u in focus

Already notably famous across Europe, t.A.T.u represented Russia at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest. They caused – and created controversy, and finished third in a very tight voting, where only United Kingdom and Ireland didn’t award them any points. Read more