Eurovision 1978: Luxembourg’s Baccara in focus

When Baccara represented Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest 1978, they were at the top of their music career.  The Spanish duo sung their disco song ‘Parlez-vous Français?’. In their 2020 reviews of the song, Eurovision fans find themselves comparing this to their most famous single ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’. Read more

Eurovision 2014: United Kingdom’s Molly in focus

Molly and her track ‘Children Of The Universe’ were one of the late favourites in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest but ended up finishing in 17th place out of 26. Six years after the contest in Copenhagen we ask our fan panel on what they think about this entry from the United Kingdom. Read more

Maruv is back with Sad Song

Maruv is back with a bang with her new single ‘Sad Song’. Though she never made it to Eurovision, the Ukrainian star didn’t let this get in her way. She has returned with another dance number in her signature suggestive style. Read more

These are the Eurovision rules fans want to change

Eurovision fans want the orchestra back, and they want to get rid of the Big 5 rule! That’s the common perception about Eurovision fans. If you actually ask them which rule they would change or introduce, you do get more interesting suggestions and nuances. Read more

Eurovision 2011 – Poland’s Magdalena Tul in focus

In 2011 one country was drawn in the semi final, where they could choose where they would appear in the running order. Poland was that country and the Head of Delegation decided they would like to perform first. Thus Magdalena Tul with her song ‘Jestem’, opened the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Read more

Eurovision 1974: Sweden’s ABBA in focus

ABBA is legendary. The won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Waterloo’. Later they went on to become the second best selling band in the world. Their Eurovision winner is still remembered and loved by most fans. Read more

Eurovision 2010: France’s Jessy Matador in focus

When France selected Jessy Matador to represent the country in Oslo, the idea was to create a summer hit that promoted France in the 2010 Football World Cup. We can agree that Jessy Matador succeed with his song ‘Allez Ola Olé’ to do so. To this date many fans remember the 2010 song of this… Read more