Eurovision 1993: Sweden’s Arvingarna in focus

It might be 27 years ago, and the song finished outside Top 5, but the Swedish 1993 entry is still one worth to remember. Today, the song ‘Eloise’ is still loved by many fans. For some of them, this is one of Sweden’s best Eurovision entries. Read more

Eurovision 1968: Austria’s Karel Gott in focus

Karel Gott was not an Austrian singer, but a Czech one, but he was popular also in German-speaking countries and further. Therefore it’s not a big surprise that he was chosen to represent Austria at Eurovision 1968 with a song ‘Tausend Fenster’ written by Eurovision star Udo Jürgens. Read more

Eurovision 2008: Ukraine’s Ani Lorak in focus

This summer #Eurovisionagain voted Shady Lady as the winner but in 2008 Ani Lorak finished the Eurovision Song Contest in 2nd place behind Russia’s Dima Bilan. Should Ukraine have won the competition in Belgrade? We ask our fan panel and team members to give us their thoughts. Read more

Eurovision 1974: Italy’s Gigliola Cinquetti in focus

1974 saw the return of Gigliola Cinquetti to Eurovision. France, an early favourite that year, withdrew from the competition on the same week Eurovision took place. The first Italian winner in 1964, had a good chance to win again in Brighton. In the end, she finished second after Sweden’s ABBA. Read more

Eurovision 2010: Slovakia’s Kristina in focus

Slovakia returned to Eurovision in 2009. The following year, they sent Kristina with her song ‘Horehronie’, which still belong to one of the most favourite Slovak entries. Up to date, Slovakia is one of the few countries that never qualified for the final since the introduction of semifinals in early 00’s. Read more

Eurovision 1994: Iceland’s Sigga in focus

1994 is the year that Eurovision was thrown into International consciousness, yet not for any of the entries or the voting but for the interval act. Riverdance became a major international hit on the back of the contest, yet many songs have been forgotten because of that and one gem is Sigga’s Nætur. Read more

Eurovision 2001: Slovenia’s Nuša Derenda in focus

Slovenia participated with Nuša Derenda in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001. Nuša represented her country with ‘Energy’, and she gave Slovenia their best result since 1995. The fans loved her ‘energetic’ performance in Copenhagen and it is still remembered among Eurovision followers. Read more

Eurovision 2006: Belgium’s Kate Ryan in focus

Belgium failed to qualify for the grand final for the second year in a row when Kate Ryan brought pop-love song ‘Je t’adore’ to the Eurovision stage in Athens. Despite being one of the pre-contest favourites it was a great disappointment for the Belgians who have encountered many a rocky road in their eurovision journey. Read more