Eurovision 2007: Ukraine’s Verka Serduchka in focus

When Ukraine chose Verka Serduchka for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 fans had mixed feelings about this act.  Today, many have learned to love the iconic act. Moreover, even outside of the Eurovision fan community, people easily associates Verka Serduchka with the song contest and its sometimes over the top gimmicks.  Read more

Eurovision 1973: Spain’s Mocedades in focus

Mocedades got international recognition when they finished second at the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest. 47 years after the Eurovision participation many fans still remember their song ‘Eres Tú’. Some go even further and consider this song the best Spanish entry in the contest.    Read more

Eurovision 1982: Germany’s Nicole in focus

In 1982 Germany won the Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time. The winning formula was a girl with her guitar singing about the anxiety and fear many people experience living in the midst of the cold war. Today fans still see this song with nostalgia while also noticing how the message of Nicole’s… Read more

Eurovision 2003: Estonia’s Ruffus in focus

An international jury that went against the wishes of the local population, and a song that today is appreciated by almost our entire panel of Eurovision fans. Whatever happened to ‘Eighties Coming Back’ in 2003 remains a mystery, for Estonia it marked the start of a dark period in their Eurovision history. Read more

Eurovision 1972: The United Kingdom’s New Seekers in focus

In 1972, the United Kingdom broadcaster (BBC) commissioned the first group to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest. Not just any group, though, they picked the chart topping quintet, the New Seekers, who recorded the million selling single, ‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’. Read more