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Eurovision 2013: Israel’s Moran Mazor in focus

Israel had failed to reach the final the two years before, and unfortunately with Moran Mazor in 2013 it became third year in a row. Today, Eurovision fans disagree whether her entry ‘Rak Bishvilo’ was strong or boring. That might explain why she finished 14th in the semi-final. Read more

Eurovision 2013: Hungary’s ByeAlex in focus

To many Eurovision fans, this was a surprise at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest; to see ByeAlex qualify for the final. For others, ‘Kedvesem’ is very catchy, a song that entertains you. He finished 10th in the final, which was Hungary’s best result in five years. Read more

Maruv is back with Sad Song

Maruv is back with a bang with her new single ‘Sad Song’. Though she never made it to Eurovision, the Ukrainian star didn’t let this get in her way. She has returned with another dance number in her signature suggestive style. Read more