About EuroVisionary

EuroVisionary was launched on the second of February 2008. About six months earlier it had been suggested to me, Charlotte Jensen, that I should start up a Eurovision Song Contest site on my own, after having gained experience from other sites. After a little thought about it I came up with the name EuroVisionary and decided to make the leap.

I began looking for team members from different countries and a co-manager to help me run the site. Then we spent a couple of months building the system behind EuroVisionary and the last few days making sure we had news articles to present to our visitors when we launched, something that happened in relation to an interview in a radio programme that Saturday morning.

The team

From the beginning I knew that if I was to be in charge of this then it should be with an open structure where everyone on the team is equally important. The managers do take the necessary decisions, but in most cases not without having consulted with the team. I might be the founder, but it is not my website; it is the team’s website. Without them EuroVisionary wouldn’t be where it is today.

Over the years we have had a natural change in our team, but a few have been with us right from the start and a few more joined within the first few months. People come to us with various skills and backgrounds. Some are already experienced journalists, while others show a desire to want to learn, which makes me believe I can teach them the needed things. We have been wrong about this a few times, but when we see how others have developed over the years on the team we can be pleased with our effort.

Contact us

Do you want to know who writes our articles? Every team member has written a description so that you can get to know them better. To read those and to see their picture you can visit the meet the team page. If you would like to be a part of EuroVisionary’s future, you can consider to submit an application by following the join the team link.

If you want to contact us in another matter feel free to do so. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and usually within 48 hours.