Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – The artists selected

A total of 41 countries will compete at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Through various national selections, they will each select one act as their representative. Here’s an overview of the 2022 artists.

The 2022 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Turin, Italy. It will be the 66th contest to be held since the start in 1956. For 2022, the two semi-finals will be held on the 10th and 12th of May, with the final following Saturday the 14th of May 2022.

A total of 40 countries will compete. This includes a return from Armenia and Montenegro. Armenia last took part in 2020, while Montenegro has been out since 2019. Russia were to participate too, but following their invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, several other participating countries complained. In the end, the European Broadcasting Union decided to ban the country from this year’s contest. As a result of that, the Russian broadcaster responded with cancelling their EBU membership.

Selected artists for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest

Below you find the 2022 artists in order of which semi-finals they are placed in. The order was determinded at the 2022 semi-final allocation draw.

Semi-final 1 – First half

🇦🇱 Albania: Ronela HajatiSekret

Ronela Hajati is a 32-year-old singer from the capital of Albania, Tirana. She is no stranger to the music scene or local population having been performing in competitions such as Top Fest and Kenga Magjike for the better part of a decade. The latter she won the Internet Award at the 2013 edition with her song ‘Mos ma Isho’. In late 2021, she won the right to represent Albania at the 2022 Eurovision song contest in Turin with her Ethnic-pop banger ‘Sekret’. It has been announced that Ronela will travel to Europe in the early months of 2022 to revamp her song, something that has become ritual for Albania Eurovision entries.

🇧🇬 Bulgaria: Intelligent Music ProjectIntention

52 year old Bulgarian businessman, Milen Vrabevski formed the Intelligent Music Project in 2010. A number of rotating musicians have taken part in the project over the years. The current lead singer is Ronnie Romero, a Chilean musician who has also been in the rock band, Rainbow. Other members include Stoyan Yankulov, who was part of the duo with Elitsa Todorova, who gave Bulgaria a 5th place in 2007 with the song Water.

🇱🇻 Latvia: Citi ZeniEat Your Salad

Hip-hop/Pop rap six-piece group formed in the nation’s capital, Riga, in 2020 at a song writing camp. The band released their debut album Dogs Take to the Streets, a year later and in 2022 took part in the Latvian Eurovision Selection Supernova. The band come to the contest with a message of vegan/eco-friendly living, but in a humorous twist and this won over the Latvian public as they easily won the contest placing first with both jury and the public (receiving 11,000 more televotes than the runner-up).

🇱🇹 Lithuania: Monika LiuSentimentai

Monika Liu is a celebrated artist in her homeland with a lot of experience to her name. Born in Klaipeda in 1988, she was singing from a young age and focused her studies in Klaipeda University to jazz and vocal studies before moving to Boston, USA where she attended the prestigious Berkley College. She then moved to London working on her song writing before she ultimate moved to the Lithuania capital, Vilnius where she now resides, having taken roles on the panels of popular shows The Voice and The Masked Singer. Her song Sentimentai, has already reached the top of the Lithuanian charts and is the most searched Eurovision-related song of 2022, in her home country (before she won the National Selection), which meant that her resounding victory at Pabandom is naujo!, was not a surprise.

🇲🇩 Moldova: Zdob si Zdub and Fratii AdvahovTrenuletul

Moldova is continuing in the vein of last year and bringing back a previous representative to the Eurovision Stage. Zdob si Zdub have competed twice at the contest, they were Moldova’s debut entry back in 2005 with the song ‘Boonika Bate Doba’ when they brought their drum beating Grandmamma with them for good luck and to swipe some points, which helped as they placed 6th, one of the best debuts in the contest’s history. 6 years later they represented the country again in Dusseldorf, where they reached another final and placed 12th, with the song ‘So Lucky’. This year they are hoping to go one better and win the contest on their third try with their song ‘Trenulentul’,something that has been done before, back in 1966 with Udo Jurgens for Austria.

🇸🇮 Slovenia: LPSDisko

LPS or Last Pizza Slice to Gove them their full title are a Slovenian band formed in 2018 at the members Grammar School Celje-Center, Celje. They came to prominence in 2021 when they competed in EMA Fres, where the band performed in the newcomer section, finishing fourth. This gave them the chance to compete at EMA 2022 for the chance to represent their country at Eurovision in Turin. The five piece band consisting of vocals, guitar, keyboard and drums, sang their entry Disko in the final of EMA 2022 and beat out established artists such as BQL and Batista Cadillac to win the opportunity.

🇳🇱 The Netherlands: S10De Diepte

S10 which is pronounced Es Teen was born on 8 November, 2000, in Hoorn, with the birth name, Stien den Hollander. S10 has been involved professionally in music since 2016, and is known for her rapping and hip hop catalogue. She has released four albums, the last being called, Vlinders which appeared in 2020. S10’s music very often features the topic of mental health.

In 2021, as the host nation, The Netherlands were represented by Jeangu Macrooy with the song Birth Of A New Age. The jury awarded Jeangu a modest 23 points, but the public were more scathing, and the song was one of four entries that scored no public points. As a result, Jeangu finished in 23rd place.

🇺🇦 Ukraine: Kalush OrchestraStefania

Named after the hometown of founding member Oleh Psiuk’s hometown, Kalush is a rap group formed in 2019. They started releasing music and videos on Youtube, and after they officially released their second single in 2019, they got signed to well established American hip-hop label Def Jam Recordings. For their participation in Vidbir 2022, they teamed up with instrumentalists Tymofii Muzychuk and Vitalii Duzhyk for a project that would incorporate hip-hop/rap elements with traditional instruments and sounds. As a result Kalush Orchestra was born and released the song Stefania. Originally they finished in second place, and after some controversy coming from the band asking for voting clarity over technical problems with the scoreboard, Alina Pash was named the winner. In the days that followed, it was discovered the Alina had travelled to Crimea after 2014 and that made her ineligible to represent Ukraine, this opened up an opportunity for Kalush Orchestra to represent their country, which they ultimately accepted.

🇨🇭 Switzerland: Marius BearBoys Do Cry

Marius Bear is a 28 year old, singer from the Appenzell canton of the Swiss confederation. He has been active in the music scene for over 6 years, beginning as a busker/street musician before making a name for himself in 2019, when he won the Best Talent at the Swiss Music Awards. He also took part in the inaugural series of popular German version of the South Korean TV Show I Can See Your Voice in 2020. He was internally selected by the Swiss broadcaster, something that has brought the nation two top five finishes in both years they have used the method. Will it be the same for Marius in Turin.

Semi-final 1 – Second half

🇦🇲 Armenia: Rosa LinnSnap

Born and raised in Armenia, Rosa Linn made a name for herself in 2013 when she competed in the Armenia selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. With the song Gitem. In 2020 she collaborated with us-based record label Nvak Collective, founded by previous Eurovision contestant, Tamar Kaprelian (Armenia 2015). Rosa Linn released her debut single King, in late 2021 with American singer Kiiara. In March 2022, she was announced as the Armenia representative in Turin.

🇦🇹 Austria: LUM!X feat. Pia MariaHalo

LUM!X is a 20-year-old DJ & Music producer originally from the home city of Eurovision 2022, Turin. He has made a big name for himself in recent years with his style of Electonic dance music. He has racked up almost 1 billion streams and countless platinum and gold discs, for songs such as Monster, Thunder and The Passengers La, La, La. Pia Maria is an 18-year-old, singer/make-up artist from the Tyrol region of Austria, she is relatively unknown, and Eurovision seems to be her biggest performance to date. Along with her collaborator LUM!X, they will release their entry Halo, which is said to be a “banger of a track”.

🇭🇷 Croatia: Mia DimsicGuilty Pleasure

Born in Osijek, Croatia in 1992, 29-year-old Mia Dimsic is singer/musician who has been performing for almost a decade having toured extensively in North America, as well as releasing three studio albums, her most recent topping the Croatian charts in 2019. She has also topped the Croatian charts on no less than 6 times. She cites her influences as Taylor Swift, Norah Jones and Alison Krauss. She is one of Croatia’s most successful current artists, and won Dora 2022 with the song Guilty Pleasure in an unsurprising fashion, with a landslide victory, collecting almost 80 points more than runner-up, Marko Bosnjak.

🇩🇰 Denmark: ReddiThe Show

Here we have a Danish/Swedish girlband. It consists of the two Danes Ihan Haydar on drums and Siggy Savery who sings, and the two Swedes Agnes Roslund on guitar and Ida Bergkvist on bass. The band wasn’t known before the Danish final, but that for sure will change now. Ihan is no stranger to Eurovision though as she played drums for Soluna Samay back in 2012. Among the songwriters, we also find some familar names who know Eurovision quite well; Julia Farin (Denmark 2013), Chief 1 (Denmark 1997, 2012 and 2015) and Remee (Denmark 2012 and 2015 + Germany 2008).

Reddi won the Danish final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on the 5th of March in competition with 7 other acts. It was a national final with no clear favourite, something which the results reflected. Three acts made it to the second round of voting, and all three ended up with 30′ something percent of the votes.

🇬🇷 Greece: Amanda TenfjordDie Together

Amanda was born in Ioannina on 9 January, 1997. Her parents moved to Norway, where she was brought up. When she became a professional singer, she changed her birth name, Georgiadis to Tenfjord, as a tribute to where she grew up. Amanda gave up her studies as a medical student to concentrate on music. She has already released over a dozen singles and 2 EP’s.

Iceland: Sigga, Beta & ElinMeð Hækkandi Sól

Sigga, Beta and Elin are a band of sisters who formed in 2011. They came to prominence in 2013 with their song Ain’t Got Nobody and since then have released numerous singles. In 2022 they where one of the 10 chosen acts for the Icelandic national selection Songvakeppnin. They made it to the second round of the final, where they were up against fan favourites Reyjavikurdaetur, but eventually won the right to represent the island nation at Eurovision 2022. This will be the first time since 2019, that the song will be sung completely in Icelandic, something that over the last 2 decades has become a rare occurrence.

🇳🇴 Norway: SubwoolferGive That Wolf a Banana

Who are these people? No-one knows. They are suggested to be Ben Adams from A1 and Gaute Ormasen, or it could be the brothers of Norwegian Novelty band Ylvis, who had a hit in 2013 with the song, The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?). The Duo have described their origins as being from the Moon, some 4.5 billion years ago and have travelled to earth to compete at the most prestigious music competition on the planet. They completed at Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2022, winning with the song Give That Wolf a Banana, a song that is very obviously a nod to the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault stories of Little Red Riding Hood.

🇵🇹 Portugal: MaroSaudade, Saudade

Mariana Secca, born in 1994 is a Portuguese singer chosen to represent Portugal at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Known as Maro, she originally viewed herself as a veterinarian, before giving up on that dream to pursue a musical career. Mariana attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. The largest independent music college in the world. After she graduated, she moved to LA to continue with her music. In 2022, she was announced as one of the 20 acts for Festival de Cancao. She ultimately won in a landslide, beating stiff competition from artists such as Os Quoter e Meia and chart topper Aurea.

Semi-final 2 – First half

🇦🇺 Australia: Sheldon RileyNot the Same

Sheldon Riley is a 22 years old Australian talent shows veteran, having competed in The X Factor Australia in 2016, in The Voice of Australia twice in 2018 and 2019 and in America’s Got Talent in 2020. In 2022, Sheldon Riley was announced as one of the finalists in the Australian national final for Eurovision 2022 which he won in a nerve-wracking final show. His song is called Not the Same and Sheldon wrote the song already back in 2015 based on his own personal experiences. He was diagnosed with an Asperger syndrome, is openly gay and went through many difficulties, which is all concentrated in this 3 minute long song.

There were orignally 10 artists announced for “Eurovision – Australia Decides 2022”, but then an 11th spot was added for the winner of a special TikTok wildcard. The final show tool place in Gold Coast, the same city and venue as in 2020 and 2019 when the national final in Australia was held for the first time. In the variety of music genres, Sheldon Riley beat the other favourites – rock group Voyager – by only 3 points.

🇦🇿 Azerbaijan: NadirFade To Black

Nadir Rustamli, born on the 8th of July 1999 in Salyan, Azerbaijan is a young singer. In his early years he took piano education in Gulu Asgarov Music school. He has a major in business administration from Azerbaijan University of Tourism and Management. In the second season of The Voice Azerbaijan, he competed. After his iconic performance in the blind additions, he chose to work with Eldar Qasimov, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2011. After a long marathon of auditions, he won the whole competition. Following his The Voice victory, he was chosen internally by the Azerbaijani broadcaster ITV (Ictimai TV) to represent Azerbaijan in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

🇨🇾 Cyprus: AndromacheEla

Born in Siegen, Germany in 1995 to Greek heritage, Andromache came to prominence in Greece in 2015 when she participated in the second season of The Voice Greece. While she didn’t win the competition she did go on to release a single in 2017 “To Feggari” written by Giorgos Papadopoulos, who also is a co-writer on her Eurovision entry “Ela”.

🇫🇮 Finland: The RasmusJezebel

The Rasmus is a worldwide famous rock group from Finland that started back in 1994, so their career is now almost 30 years long. From the begining until now, there were the vocalist Lauri Ylönen and bass guitar player Eero Heinonen. Drums player Aki Hakala joined group in 1999 and the newest member is a guitar player Emilia Suhonen, called Emppu, who joined the group in 2022. The most famous hits of The Rasmus were In The Shadows, No Fear, Sail Away and Funeral Song. Their Eurovision 2022 entry Jezebel is co-written by Lauri Ylönen and American producer Desmond Child. It tells a story of the Biblical troublemaker Jezebel.

In the Finnish national Final Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022, there were 7 finalists that were revealed in mid January 2022 and the songs were published day-by-day as we were used to in previous years. Finland stays faithful to its love for a rock music as there were more rock groups besides The Rasmus. The other favourites, group Cyan Kicks, ended up on a second place, so both top 2 places were taken by this music genre. The Rasmus will therefore follow the steps of Blind Channel who brought Finland 6th place in the final of Eurovision 2021.

🇬🇪 Georgia: Circus MircusLock Me In

Circus Mircus are a trio described as playing experimental and progressive rock. The name comes from the fact that the threesome all used to perform in a circus academy. They claim they weren’t very good and thus dropped out to become musicians. They formed the group in 2020. However, as of their Eurovision selection date of 14 November 2021, the band have taken an oath of secrecy as to who they are.

Due to the war in Ukraine, we feel that it is not the right time to release our happy and colorful music video.

As per ESC guidelines, the submission deadline is near, so we decided to release only audio, while using the black background instead of the official music video footage, to express our share of solidarity towards our Ukrainian sisters and brothers.

We hope to post our music video in the near future, when these terrible events are over and our societies start getting back to normal.

And of course, Слава Україні! Героям слава!

– Circus Mircus

🇮🇱 Israel: Michael Ben DavidIM

Michael Ben David is a 25-year-old singer from Tel Aviv, he has Ukrainian and Georgian heritage and has been known in entertainment circles from an early age, graduating from the Beit Zvi Performing Arts school in 2020, which in the past has helped kickstart the careers of many past Eurovision contestants. In October 2021, Ben David auditioned for the Israeli version of the X-factor, making it on to former Eurovision winner Netta’s team. He eventually won the contest, and this gave him the right to perform his song IM, co-written by Chen Aharoni who is no stranger to Eurovision himself, placing fourth in kdam Eurovision 2011.

🇲🇹 Malta: Emma MuscatOut of Sight

Emma is a 22-year-old singer and model from St Julian’s in the central region of the island nation. She enrolled in the University of Performing Arts, and specialised in piano and song/lyric writing. In 2018 she took part in the popular Italian talent competition Amici as well as performing on Isle of MTV in 2018 and 2019 alongside artists such as Jason Derulo, Bebe Rexha and Ava Max. She has release numerous singles, and has charted in Italy, most successfully featuring on Italian rapper Shade and their song Figuarti noi. Emma won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with her song Out of Sight beat major competition from fan favourites Aidan and Nicole Azzopardi.

🇸🇲 San Marino: Achille LauroStripper

Achille hails from Verona, and has been a staple of the Italian music scene for the last decade. He has released 8 well received albums, his latest in April 2021, Lauro, went to number one in Italy. He has also had numerous hit singles in Italy and in early 2022, made headlines for his provocative performance during the 72nd edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, performing scantily clad, with backing vocals provided by the world famous Harlem Gospel Choir. After failing to make the superficial at Sanremo, he tried his luck at Una Voce per San Marino, with a different song, Stripper.

🇷🇸 Serbia: KonstraktaIn Corpore Sano

Serbia has organised a completely new national final ‘Pesma za Evroviziju’ in 2022, because there were some disputes between the Serbian broadcaster and the producer of the show Beovizija, which was used in the past as the Serbian national selection for Eurovision. After this dispute, Beovizija continues independently without any Eurovision connection, while the new show was used to choose the Serbian representative for Turin.

We saw a total of 36 semifinalists and a half of them managed to get into the final. Among them we saw two previous Eurovision representatives – Sara Jo (a member of the group Moje 3, Serbia 2013) and Tijana Dapčević (North Macedonia 2014). Sara was one of the favourites to win, but in the end took the second place. On a third place was another fan favourite – ethno pop singer Zorja. To the overall surprise, the winners and Serbian representatives for Turin is a singer (a group) Konstrakta with the song In Corpore Sano, which is in Latin and translates to English as “In the healthy body”.

Semi-final 2 – Second half

🇧🇪 Belgium: Jérémie MakieseMiss You

Born in June 2000, Jérémie is 21 years old. He is born in Antwerp, Belgium with both of his parents being from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He grew up in a family of music, and from an early age he started singing in a choir. He is a man of many interests such as football where is a goalkeeper, geology, which he started studying and of course music.

He took part in the TV talent show The Voice Belgique being on the team of coach Beverly Jo Scott. He made it all the way to the final held in the middle of April 2021, and ultimately was crowned the winner.

🇨🇿 Czech Republic: We Are DomiLights Off

The trio We Are Domi, Dominika Hašková, Casper Hatlestad and Benjamin Rekstad met at university in Leeds, UK and formed the band in 2018. Dominika was born in the United States, whilst the men are Norwegian.

Seven entries were announced on December 6 as potential Czech Republic entries. The public and a professional jury were given until December 15 to choose their favourite. On December 16, 2021 it was announced via a YouTube presentation, that We Are Domi had won the right to represent Czech Republic.

🇪🇪 Estonia: StefanHope

Stefan Airapetjan is an Armenian-Estonian singer from Viljandi, in the south of Estonia. He has been singing since he was a child and has taken part in many contests including the Laulukarussell 2010 at the age of 13. He has tried to represent Estonia at Eurovision on four occasions, his best showing being his solo effort in 2019 Without You, which made it to the super final with the help of the jury vote (first place), in 2022 he won Eesti Laul with the song Hope, picking up twice the number of votes of his nearest rival in the super final.

🇮🇪 Ireland: BrookeThat’s Rich

23-year-old Brooke Scullion was born and raised in the Historic walled city of Derry/Londonderry in the Northwest of Ireland. The same city that provided the country with its first winner Dana in 1970. Brooke is known to the public in the UK as a finalist in the 2020 series of The Voice UK, where she finished in 3rd/4th place. Since then, she released her debut single attention which had some great coverage in both the UK and Ireland and was then announced as one of the six finalists in Eurosong 2022, which she won in great fashion receiving top marks from two thirds of the voting sectors. That’s Rich is a fresh and contemporary pop song sung by a talented singer in Brooke.

🇲🇪 Montenegro: VladanaBreathe

Vladana Vucinic has a rich family history in the performing arts thanks to her grandfather Boris Nizamovski who headed the Association of Stage Artists of North Macedonia, and she shared her passion for performing through him. As a recording artist, she has been releasing music since 2003, competing in Montevizija 2005 and 2006 placing 18th and 11th respectively (Montenegrin portion of Serbia & Montenegrin pre-selection for Eurovision) and making it to the final of the 2006 Evropesma-Europjesma competition(Eurovision pre-selection)in 2006 where she placed15th.She also holds the prestigious title of being the first Solo performing Montenegrin to be feature on MTV Adria. Over a decade since her last big song release Sinner City, she is back to represent Montenegro on the international stage with her song Breathe, hoping to change the countries run of bad placings of recent years.

🇲🇰 North Macedonia: AndreaCircles

Andrea Koevska comes to Eurovision as a relative unknown to the music scene in North Macedonia. Growing up she has stated that she was influenced by music styles such as Gospel, Pop and Punk and enjoy the diversity of voices from Lauryn Hill to Hayley Williams. This is no surprise with her strong vocals which are present on her Eurovision entry Circles. Andrea won Za Evrosong 2022 in a close-run battle with eventual runner-up Viktor Apostolovski, when the contest had to go to a tie-break with Koevska winning in the end.

🇵🇱 Poland: OchmanRiver

Born in Massachusetts, USA to a Polish family, Ochman always had an interest in music and singing. He took part in high school musical productions. He moved back to Poland after high school to study at the Academy of Music in Katowice. In 2020 he entered the eleventh season of The Voice Poland, joining former Eurovision alum Michal Szpak’s team. He went on to win the competition and was offered a major record deal with Universal Music Polska. He released his debut single Swiatlocienie, and eponymous Album in 2021. In early 2022 he was confirmed as one of the ten hopefuls to representing Poland at Eurovision Song Contest with his self-penned track River, he later won the National final with more than half of all votes available to the last three entries in the superfinal.

🇷🇴 Romania: WRSLlámame

29 years old Andrei Ionuț Ursu from Romania is a singer, a songwriter and a dancer. He originally worked as a professional dancer for other singers like Carla’s Dreams, Inna or Antonia and later also performed in TV shows Romania Got Talent or The Voice of Romania as a part of the TV ballet group. In 2020, he started his singing carrer in the electro-pop project under the stage name WRS (pronounced as URS, a reference to his real surname). At the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, WRS will be singing song Llámame, which is in Spanish and English. WRS can’t hide that he is also a dancer as he proves that during his performance in the Romanian national final quite a lot.

Romania’s Selectia Nationala 2022 saw 45 songs competing for the 20 spots in the televised semifinal, where jury only chose the 10 finalists. Unusualy, in the grand final, the televote was only one sixth of the overall result and the calculation of the televote points was quite complicated. The winner of the televote received 12 points, while the other 9 finalists received a certain % of 12 points compared to the total amount of votes that the televote winner has received.

🇸🇪 Sweden: Cornelia JakobsHold Me Closer

Born Anna Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson, Cornelia Jakobs has been a household name in Sweden since her appearance on Swedish Idol. She was part of the band Love Generation who participated in Melodifestivalen 2011 & 2012. She has also written music for the contest, in 2021 she wrote the song Best of Me for Efraim Leo, which made it to the second chance round, before being knock out by Klara Hammarstrom. Jakobs also wrote the song Weight of the World which was featured on the popular HBO Nordic series Bjornstad. In 2022, she participated and won Melodifestivalen, beating fan favourite Anders Bagge into second place.

Direct finalists

🇫🇷 France: Alvan & AhezFulenn

The girl trio Ahez consists of three girls from Breton named Marine, Sterenn D.and Sterenn L. They are dealing with traditional contemporary music of their hometown Breton. Alvan, a 29 year old musician from Rennes is specialized in electro pop and can play many instruments. Both artists are known for their participations in local festivals. They have teamed up for and won the French National Selection Eurovision France: C’est Vous Qui Decidez with their song Fulenn and will represent France in Torino come May. The song is about a woman from Breton who is fed up with the norms around women and dances away her troubles along with the bonfire.

🇩🇪 Germany: Malik HarrisRockstars

Malik Harris is German-American pop singer, songwriter and rapper, who is 24 years old. His father is American host and actor Ricky Harris, who has been based in Germany since the 1980’s. Malik started making music already during his teenage years and he began with simple covers of famous songs before he got into making his own music. There he also combines rock, folk and electronic music and very often uses a looper during his performances. He used it also during the German national final for Eurovision 2022, ‘Germany 12 Points’. Malik won the televote and came second in the radio jury vote. In the end he defeated the other 5 contestants. In his song Rockstars he plays keyboard, guitar and ads some beats, all on his own thanks to the technology of looper.

🇮🇹 Italy: Mahmood & BlancoBrividi

No real introduction is needed for Mahmood, a veteran of Eurovision and until recently titleholder of the most searched Eurovision song on Spotify, for his 2019 entry Soldi, this time he has teamed up with another powerhouse of the current Italian music scene, Blanco. Riccardo Fabbriconi (Blanco) is a 20-year-old singer and rapper from Brescia in the Northern Italian region of Lombardy. In the last two years he has had a number one album and 4 number on singles in Italy, including his collaboration with Mahmood. They won the 2022 Sanremo Music Festival in a landslide, with over half of all votes available to the three songs in the super final. They now come to Eurovision with their song Brividi which has already topped the charts in both Italy and Switzerland and has been making waves across the continent.

🇪🇸 Spain: ChanelSloMo

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1991, Chanel Terrero moved to Catalonia in Spain’s Northeast at the age of three, where she has lived with her family since. She will be known to theatre enthusiasts in Spain for years as the star of many musicals including international hit shows such as Mamma Mia; Hamilton and Flashdance. She is also an accomplished dancer, having performed in music videos including Ruth Lorenzo’s smash hit ‘Gigantes’ back in 2014.Chanel is a successful singer, dancer and actress, having been in numerous T.V. shows in the Spanish speaking world and has made a popular name for herself. She competed at the 2022 Benidorm Fest with her song ‘SloMo’ finishing first in her semi-final and ultimately winning the Grand Final. Will she be able to bring home the gold to Spain for the first time in 53 years? Only time will tell, but she is already getting a lot of positive feedback for her fiery up-tempo performance.

🇬🇧 United Kingdom: Sam RyderSpace Man

Sam Ryder is a Singer/Songwriter hailing from Essex in the East of England. He has been in the music industry since 2009, when he started as a session player for groups such as Blessed by a Broken Heart and Close Your Eyes. He made a big name for himself in the 2020, when during the first Covid lockdown he became famous on TikTok for his cover versions of famous songs, he is now the most followed British artist on the platform. This lead to him being signed to Parlophone records and is managed by TaP Music, which was the company hired by the BBC to find an artist and song for the 2022 contest. As an internal selection Sam didn’t have to compete to get to the contest. He will represent the UK with the song Space Man, written by Ryder himself alongside Max Wolfgang and Amy wedge. The latter being a Grammy Award winner behind Ed Sheeran’s worldwide hit Thinking Out Loud.