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Iceland forced to use their pre-recorded performance at Eurovision due to positive Corona test

Daði og Gagnamagnið’s worst nightmare seems to have come true. After one of the on-stage performers has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, they unfortunately had to withdraw from performing live at the Eurovision Song Contest. Before travelling to Rotterdam, every delegation had to record a so-called live-on-tape performance of their song. These recordings would… Read more

Eurovision 2003: Estonia’s Ruffus in focus

An international jury that went against the wishes of the local population, and a song that today is appreciated by almost our entire panel of Eurovision fans. Whatever happened to ‘Eighties Coming Back’ in 2003 remains a mystery, for Estonia it marked the start of a dark period in their Eurovision history. Read more

Eurovision 2020 entries: The Netherlands – we are discussing Jeangu Macrooy and Grow

We’re wrapping up our 2020 discussion series with Jeangu Macrooy, who was set to represent host country the Netherlands in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. But in response to the COVID-19 situation, this wasn’t meant to be. Over the past weeks, the EuroVisionary team has been revisiting the would-be entries. In this last edition we’re… Read more

Armenia 2020: Athena Manoukian wins Depi Evratesil

Tonight, in Armenia 12 acts fought for the honour of representing their country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The target for the winner is clear: First bring the country back into the final, and second, try to secure their first victory. Read more

Not attending Eurovision: Pros and Cons

The year was 2003 when I visited the Eurovision host city for the very first time. I was so proud of my press accreditation, and my family couldn’t really relate to what I was doing in Riga. A total of seventeen Eurovision I’ve attended so far, including one Junior. After all those years, I was… Read more