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Eurovision 1969: Portugal’s Simone De Oliveira in focus

Madrid 1969 will be forever known as the year of the four-way tie, yet many songs were lost in the hectic end of the contest, songs that in their respective countries became massive hits.  One of those particular entries, was Portugal’s Desfolhada Portuguesa, by legendary performer Simone De Oliveira. Read more

Eurovision 1994: Iceland’s Sigga in focus

1994 is the year that Eurovision was thrown into International consciousness, yet not for any of the entries or the voting but for the interval act. Riverdance became a major international hit on the back of the contest, yet many songs have been forgotten because of that and one gem is Sigga’s Nætur. Read more

Eurovision 1973: Israel’s Ilanit in focus

It is always exciting for fans, and the contest in general, when a new country joins the fold.  It gives us all a chance to see what this new market has to bring when it comes to its music and culture, and one of Eurovision’s most successful countries debuted in 1973. Albeit in tension filled… Read more

Eurovision 1965: Germany’s Ulla Wiesner in focus

Naples 1965 is seen as a milestone contest in regards to many countries attempts to modernise the contest in the music produced. This is best exemplified by the winning entry from Luxembourg which became a major international hit. Although Germany decided to play a little safe with their entry, opting for a more traditional sound… Read more

Eurovision 1991: Greece’s Sophia Vossou in focus

1991 is a year of many controversies in the Eurovision fan base. The hosts weren’t the most professional couple; was France really the deserved winner; and how did anyone think that guy could play the Saxophone. Thankfully though Greece’s Sophia Vossou took it all in her stride as she gave a rousing performance of her… Read more

Eurovision 1985: Spain’s Paloma San Basilio in focus

Shoulder pads, fierce make-up and love songs can all be used to describe Eurovision 1985, and no entry encapsulates this more than Spain’s entry from Paloma San Basilio with her emotional ballad La Fiesta Terminó. She travelled to Gothenburg, Sweden with high hopes of bringing a victory home, yet it didn’t go the way she… Read more

Eurovision 1972: Ireland’s Sandie Jones in focus

1972 saw the contest held in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, the first time the contest was held outside of London in the contest’s history to that date. It was also the first year that Ireland celebrated their native language when they sent accomplished Singer Sandie Jones to the contest with her song ‘Ceol an… Read more

The Mamas win Melodifestivalen 2020

Tonight saw the final of the marathon Eurovision nation final for Sweden, Melodifestivalen. In what is now the annual final at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, 12 Acts competed for the chance to represent the Scandinavian country at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.  The Mamas won the right to sing at the contest… Read more

Postcards Eurovision 2019: Semi Final 2

18 more countries took to the stage tonight in a bid to impress the professional juries and pick up as many votes as possible. Before they got on stage we got to see what adventures they had in Israel and this is what you can expect to see tomorrow. Read more