Eurovision 2019 Jury Final has taken place (EuroVisionary top 3 predictions)

Tonight, juries from across Europe and Australia cast their votes in this year’s Eurovision Grand Final. The jury show takes place exactly 24 hours before the live televised final and votes cast on the Friday night count towards 50% of the total score for each country.

We have been through two semi finals and numerous hours of head scratching to predict who will qualify for the grand final and who will end up at the top of the leader board come Saturday night. In one of the closest years for a long time, many in the press room still feel that this isn’t a run away victory for the bookies favourite Duncan Laurence from The Netherlands.

The general consensus is that the scoreboard will be very close come Saturday and that it could be one of several songs that could eventually lift the trophy. Not since 2011 has it been as difficult to predict a winner and it could well be the case of being in the right place at the right time that ultimately determines the victor.

The quality of the songs in this year’s contest is one of the highest we have seen for a while, if that is only my opinion, and it makes for an exciting show ahead. This has made predicting who will finish in the top three very difficult and as you can see from the table below we at EuroVisionary believe that no less than 10 different songs could make it into the top three. Also each member has a different winner which really does show how unpredictable a year, it is.

Predictor 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Michael Sweden Israel The Netherlands
William The Netherlands Switzerland Italy
Josef Czech Republic North Macedonia Switzerland
Lukas Spain Switzerland North Macedonia
Lauren Belarus Greece Czech Republic

Postcard Overview 

Tonight’s Jury Final also seen the Big 5 and Israel take to the stage for their first competitive performances and with that came their postcards.  As we know now, the postcards have been applauded for their ingenuity, artistic flare and general fun and these six are no different.

Germany- S!sters- Sister

Laurita and Carlotta are seen rowing in the Sea of Galilee, they also do a spot of fishing and capture what looks like a lotus flower. They only get hold of it when a cheerful woman pops out of the water and steals the flower. Soon after the two girls are joined by a team of synchronising swimmers around their boat, they sit in the boat and join in with their moves making sure to obviously stay dry.

Israel- Kobi Marimi- Home 

Kobi is seen in Jerusalem looking down on the Western Wall (a.k.a. The Wailing Wall) where we can see people dancing a Hora. When he pushes his triangle he is joined by a beautiful woman in a long purple dress, they dance a tango through the streets of the Israeli capital under floral canopies and windmills before she disappears and he is left to throw back the triangle.

United Kingdom- Michael Rice- Bigger Than Us

Michael has made his way north to Haifa where he can be seen enjoying a stroll through the beautiful Bahai Gardens, once his play button is activated he is joined by a group of dancers who perform a very in-synch and poised routine. Very British and reserved with music to compliment it.

France- Bilal Hassani- Roi

Bilal is found at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, having a cultural visit when pictures start to move, when the triangle is pressed he is joined by dancers in flowing black pant suits. It is very contemporary and fits his surroundings.

Italy- Mahmood- Soldi

Mahmood is at the industrial port of Ashdod, where her is joined by four dancers in yellow dancing on top of shipping containers, they jump between two of them before we see Mahmood walking away and them following. Just like in the performance there is a lot of clapping and he is always his placid self.

Spain- Miki Nunez- La Venda

Miki travels to Haifa where he plays football in a stadium, he is joined by male dancers who run out of the stadium with him and they end up in the metro. They are seen running and dancing in the streets before they end up high above the cityscape.

Are you looking forward to the 2019 Eurovision Grand Final?  Who is  your winner, let us know.

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