Eurovision stays home with Ryan O’Shaughnessy and others

Last week came the news that many Eurovision fans were dreading, as the ongoing threat from the novel virus COVID-19 brings unprecedented devastation to populations across the world, the 65 year old song contest has for the first time in it’s history been cancelled.

It is a tough time for people that invest a lot of energy into their hobbies and past times. Since the announcement of Eurovision 2020’s cancellation, other major events have been halted by the spread of the virus. Only days ago sporting fans saw the I.O.C. declare the games of the 32nd Olympiad in Japan postponed until 2021,  theatre enthusiasts have seen the 74th Tony Awards postponed until mid-April (optimistically) and Glastonbury being rescheduled to June 2021.

As much as we are disheartened by the decision taken by the EBU, it is without doubt the correct decision for all those who work on the show and who travel from across the world to enjoy the event annually.  Yet the EBU should be applauded for maintaining a positive outlook on the future of the contest.  Already they have honoured all the artists chosen for 2020 by reassuring them that the release of the always anticipated compilation CD will go ahead, as well as officially announcing that 10 of the 2020 artist have so far been asked back to next year’s contest by their respective broadcasters.

May 2021 seems a long way off, as we are still in March of 2020, yet there is simply nothing we can do but keep our spirits up.  Many on social media are continuing with their own personal contests with followers in different groups and pages on facebook and instagram creating polls for each semi final and having a Grand Final to choose their winner.  This year all 41 songs are winners as they worked hard to bring us a great show and through no fault of their own will not be able to showcase those great entries with the world on such a vast stage as Eurovision’s.

All this being said, the EBU have stepped in to help fans through this longer than anticipated Eurovision Blues period.

Starting next Friday, 3rd April on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube page, will be Eurovision Home Concerts, a weekly show which will see some of our favourite past Eurovision contestants along with 2020 entrants perform some classic eurovision songs and their own contest hit and this year’s entrants will get their first opportunity to share their talents to the whole of Europe since the cancellation announcement.

This will be an interactive experience with the public getting the opportunity to choose which song each artist covers, from an option of four songs chosen by the artist directly.

The first episode will feature multiple artists, 2018 Irish entrant Ryan O’Shaughnessy is the first to be announced he will sing one of these four songs and you can vote on which one you want to see him sing:

More artists will be announced in due course, but it will be a great way to bring fans together as they come to terms with the loss of their’s and Europe’s favourite TV show.

From all of the EuroVisionary team, we want to wish you well and hope you stay safe and stay home, if that is possible.

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