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Postcards for Eurovision 2019: Semi Final 1

Semi Final 1 is now underway and with it brings the excitement of postcards. The 40 second videos before each performance that showcases a countries beauty, cultural significance and modernity while introducing us to each countries act. Read more

Nathan Trent goes Spanish this summer

Austria’s 2017 Eurovision representative has been churning out cover after cover this spring and early summer. After releasing his entry in Italian a little over a week ago, he returns with the Spanish version, “Aire”, released today. This release is slightly different in its arrangement. Read more

Does the United Kingdom favour a specific constituent country?

Do England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all get their fair share? Unlike in sporting events such as Football and Rugby, the countries are all represented as the United Kingdom by the BBC at Eurovision. So, what are the statistics for the UK constituent countries when it comes to being represented at the contest? Read more