Time to pre-order your Fyr og Flamme album: Vinyl, CD, signed editions

Did you fall in love with the Danish duo Fyr og Flamme at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest? Their debut album containing 10 songs is available for pre-orders now. The album will be released in August.

Save the date. On the 13th of August, Fyr og Flamme will release their debut album. The album contains ten songs of which four have already been released: Their two hits from summer 2020 Menneskeforbruger and Kamæleon, their 2021 Eurovision entry Øve Os På Hinanden, their latest spring release Kæreste.

This debut album from Fyr og Flamme is available for pre-orders now. You can choose between vinyl and CD, and both can be purchased in a signed edition of no extra cost. While pre-ordering the album, you can also get yourself some Fyr og Flamme merchandise like a cap, a shirt, a mug or a poster.

Fyr og Flamme album tracklist

These are the ten songs available on this debut album from Fyr og Flamme:

  1. Hemmelighed (Secret)
  2. 112 (the emergency number in Denmark)
  3. Kamæleon (Chameleon)
  4. Hvor er du nu (Where are you now)
  5. Menneskeforbruger (man eater)
  6. Ved godt at det var mig der tog fejl (I know that it was me who was wrong)
  7. Dansemusik (Dance music)
  8. Kæreste (Girlfriend/boyfriend – in Danish, there’s no separate words for boy and girlfriends)
  9. Øve os på hinanden (Practice on each other)
  10. Dine øjne (Your eyes)

Who are Fyr og Flamme

A musician and an actor with the same idea about catchy music with vibes back to the 1970s and ’80’s, and an appeal that spreads to several generations, that’s Fyr og Flamme.

This duo consist of musician Laurits Emanuel and actor Jesper Groth on vocal. In the summer 2020, they broke through with their debut single Menneskeforbruger, which was quickly followed by Kamæleon. Both became hits in their home country Denmark. When they won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021 with the song Øve Os På Hinanden, they had another hit on their CV. In fact, that song became the first Danish Eurovision entry since 2012 to top the charts before the Eurovision Song Contest.

Laurits released a solo album six years ago, and Jesper is a well known actor known from among others the TV series Sygeplejeskolen.

At the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, they finished 11th in the semi-final, and as such just outside the list of the 10 qualifiers. Had it been televoting only, they would have qualified as they placed them 7th.

In the embedded video below, you can watch Fyr og Flamme at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. For the none Danish speakers, we’ve provided an English translation of the lyrics to Øve Os På Hinanden.

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