In the shadow of the pandemic, get ready for a Eurovision Live-on-Tape weekend!

Only Australia used their Live-on-Tape recording at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The remaining 38 recordings have been kept a secret for us, until now. Tomorrow and Saturday, all the Live-on-Tape performances will be shown in two special Eurovision Song Celebration shows.

It had been know a while before the contest that Australia’s Montaigne would not travel to Rotterdam, the Netherlands for the Eurovision Song Contest. The country participated with the showing of their so-called Live-on-Tape recording. Montaigne herself took part in press conferences via a video link connection.

Back in March, all 39 participating countries recorded – and submitted – their Live-on-Tape. These were to be used in case of countries not being able to travel to the Eurovision Song Contest, or affected by Covid-19 when being in Rotterdam, and thus not able to perform on stage at the three Jury shows and the following Live shows. All Live-on-Tape recordings contain live performances of the country’s Eurovision entry, and all recording sessions have been overseen by EBU officials.

The Eurovision Song Contest did see several Covid-19 infections on location, but only one country ended up in the situation that they couldn’t go on stage. That was Iceland. As their positive cases happened after their second rehearsal, they were asked to choose between a recording of the rehearsal or their Live-on-Tape. The delegation went for the first option, to use a rehearsal recording instead. As such, the only Live-on-Tape we have seen is the Australian one. That will change this weekend.

On YouTube, you can soon watch two special shows:

  • Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-on-Tape, Semi-finalists
    Time: Friday the 28th May 2021 at 21:00 CEST
  • Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-on-Tape, Grand finalists
    Time: Saturday the 29th May 2021 at 21:00 CEST

To honour the hard work each participating country has put into delivering a ‘Live-on-Tape’ back-up performance (should they not have made it to Rotterdam), we’ve created two special shows featuring these performances. Guiding us through the Celebration is our host Krista Siegfrids and, of course, what’s a Eurovision without the fans? Keep an eye out for the special fan performances you’ve been submitting throughout May.

Eurovision Song Contest on YouTube

Covid-19 and the Eurovision Song Contest

    • On the 15th of May, we had the first positive test among delegations. A member of the Polish delegation was tested positive and went in quarantine. The entire the delegation got PCR tested, and went in quarantine too. Therefore, Poland’s RAFAŁ was unable to attend the Turquoise Carpet.
    • The following day, on the 16th of May, we first got the news that a member of the Icelandic delegation had tested positive too. The same procedure as with Poland was carried out, and Daði og Gagnamagnið were also excluded from the Turquoise Carpet.
    • An hour after the update from Iceland, a new press release included the delegations from Romania and Malta. Due to staying at the same hotel as Poland and Iceland, precautionary measures kicked in and kept ROXEN and Destiny away from the Turquoise Carpet too.
    • The Polish delegation delivered negative tests on the 17th of May. The members would remain in isolation, but be welcome back at the arena for the dress rehearsals for the second semi-final on the 19th, given that they test negative again.
    • On the 18th of May, a press update stated that the delegations from Romania and Malta both had tested negative. As such, there was no longer any doubt that both could take part in the first semi-final the same evening.
    • The 19th of May, shortly before the first dress rehearsal for the second semi-final, the sad news came that Iceland would not be able to go on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest. The delegation had another positive result, and this time we were told that it was one of the band members. The group decided to use the second rehearsal as their participation, and remained in isolation through the rest of their stay in Rotterdam.
    • After his appearance at the first semi-final, 2019 Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence tested positive. Following the news, that came out on the 20th of May, he would not be able to attend the final of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. A recording from his rehearsal was used in the broadcast show.
    • In the final, small video clips from the Icelandic delegation celebrating at the hotel revealed two band members missing.
    • On the 24th of May, Daði og Gagnamagnið was affected once more. This time, Daði Freyr’s pregnant wife Árný Fjóla revealed on her Instagram page, that she too was positive.
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