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Eurovision 2015: Spain’s Edurne in focus

‘Amanecer’ gave Edurne her highest charting single since her debut but failed to connect with the audience gaining points from just eight countries. Did Edurne deserve a better score? And what went wrong? When asked about this entry, fans have very different opinions. Read more

Vidbir 2016: The Hardkiss in focus

The Hardkiss were runners up to Jamala in the 2016 instalment of Ukrainian selection show Vidbir. Though Jamala went on to win Eurovision, we want to explore whether fans think The Hardkiss would have been a better, or less controversial choice to send to Eurovision? Read more

Eurovision 2014: United Kingdom’s Molly in focus

Molly and her track ‘Children Of The Universe’ were one of the late favourites in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest but ended up finishing in 17th place out of 26. Six years after the contest in Copenhagen we ask our fan panel on what they think about this entry from the United Kingdom. Read more

Maruv is back with Sad Song

Maruv is back with a bang with her new single ‘Sad Song’. Though she never made it to Eurovision, the Ukrainian star didn’t let this get in her way. She has returned with another dance number in her signature suggestive style. Read more

Eurovision 2007: Russia’s Serebro in focus

Russian girl group Serebro finished in 3rd place in Helsinki with their song entitled ‘Song 1’. They were beat by Marija Šerifović from Serbia and Ukraine’s Verka Serduchka who finished in first and second place respectively. Eurovision fans comment on Russia’s 2007 entry, 13 years later. Read more

Eurovision 2008: Ukraine’s Ani Lorak in focus

This summer #Eurovisionagain voted Shady Lady as the winner but in 2008 Ani Lorak finished the Eurovision Song Contest in 2nd place behind Russia’s Dima Bilan. Should Ukraine have won the competition in Belgrade? We ask our fan panel and team members to give us their thoughts. Read more

Eurovision 2006: Belgium’s Kate Ryan in focus

Belgium failed to qualify for the grand final for the second year in a row when Kate Ryan brought pop-love song ‘Je t’adore’ to the Eurovision stage in Athens. Despite being one of the pre-contest favourites it was a great disappointment for the Belgians who have encountered many a rocky road in their eurovision journey. Read more

Eurovision 1996: United Kingdom’s Gina G in focus

In 1996, Gina G represented the United Kingdom with her song ‘Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit’ which became a run-away hit in the UK and Israeli charts reaching the top spot as well as becoming popular in the USA. Despite being 24 years old, this pop song was the last Eurovision entry of the… Read more

Eurovision 2013: Estonia’s Birgit in focus

It was third time lucky for Birgit Õigemeel when she finally was given the chance to represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest. The 58th edition of the contest delivered a strong final where Estonia finished in a rather disappointing 20th place. Read more

Eurovision 2005: Switzerland’s Vanilla Ninja in focus

Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja represented Switzerland at the 50th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. After several years of poor points for the Swiss, Vanilla Ninja and their song Cool Vibes proved to be a good move for Switzerland as they finished in a respectable 8th place. Read more

Eurovision 2006: Ukraine’s Tina Karol in focus

With the song ‘Show Me Your Love’ Tina Karol finished in 7th place at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. The up-tempo song was performed right after Lordi’s ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ giving Tina a tough act to follow. Since Eurovision Tina has become on of Ukraine’s biggest stars. Read more

Eurovision 2003: Russia’s t.A.T.u in focus

Already notably famous across Europe, t.A.T.u represented Russia at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest. They caused – and created controversy, and finished third in a very tight voting, where only United Kingdom and Ireland didn’t award them any points. Read more