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Eesti Laul’s 24 semi-finalists revealed

They started with 216 and now just 24 remain. Estonian Broadcaster ERR have released the names of the semi-finalists that will take to the stage of Eesti Laul early next year. Do any of these contestants have what it takes to follow in Elina Nechayeva’s place and make it to the grand final? Read more

Taking It Over: Is new single from SuRie better than Storm?

SuRie has released her latest single “Taking It Over” which has seen her take her music in a different direction. According to UK news, fans on social media have been slamming the BBC for selecting Storm for the UK’s entry at Eurovision this year, as they feel that this one should have been sent in it’s place. Read more

Ukraine 2018: Melovin releases Under The Ladder video

Temptations and reviving from the ashes were the thoughts behind the new video for Melovin’s Under The Ladder. The arty video sees Melovin burn in the fire, to be revived as a new person. Does the new video give us a glimpse into what Melovin’s performance might look like in the semi final? Read more