Darude feat Sebastian Rejman will bring Look Away to the stage in Tel Aviv

Finland have spoken. Look Away is the song that Darude feat Sebastian Rejman will take to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Like last year, the Finnish public along with the jury had three songs to choose from. Can Darude and Sebastian qualify for the grand final this time?

The Show

The show was hosted by 2013 competitor Krista Siegfrids who changed her outfit between every link during the show. The Finnish star also provided the 2nd part of the interval act.

Darude and Sebastian Rejman performed their three songs in front of the Finnish public and the studio audience before the public vote opened.

Emmelie De Forest performed her latest single during the interval. In the preview show Emmelie took part in an interview where she still expressed love for Only Teardrops and said how much she still loves performing in to this day.

Emmelie started her performance by singing her winning Eurovision song. Sporting blonde hair, Emmelie was looking more like her old self.

The Songs

Release me

Release me was the first song to be performed. Sebastian started off at the front with Darude spinning the decks behind him. In the performance Sebastian appeared to be walking through a purple and white vortex, being dragged back by a treadmill.

Darude didn’t feature much in the performance as the camera focused more on Sebastian and his choreography.


The audience were treated to a spectacular light show full of lazers as the duo performed. In a change, Darude wasn’t behind the decks at the start of the song but sat at a keyboard showing that he is multi-talented.

Sebastian was joined on stage by dancers were passing orbs to one another. At the final chorus’s darude held a giant orb above his head before hitting it like a volleyball into the audience.

Look Away

The song started with Darude behind the decks. He would stood inside a box which rotated. The box was covered in screens which featured videos of a woman underwater, as the camera panned out the woman was on top of the box dancing.

The final song was the slickest and most impressive of the visual performances.

The voting

The song that Finland sent to the Tel Aviv was decided by a 50/50 vote between the public televote and the international jury. The international jury consisted of representatives from Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic and Denmark.

The Finnish public were able to vote for their favourite song using the Yle.fi app. This was free way of voting with each app vote being worth 10 televotes.

First up was the jury vote. We first heard the votes of the United Kindgom and finishing with Israel. Each country gave their 8,10 and 12 points. Look Away was a clear winner of the jury vote with all 6 jury countries giving the song the maximum 12 points. The public agreed with the jury who also gave the song to maximum points

Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Finland have had a shaky history at Eurovision, only winning the contest once. In 2006 Lordi’s Hard Rock Hallelujah had earned the highest amount of points by any other country until it was beaten by Alexander Rybak three years later.

Last year Finland were represented by Saara Aalto who was internally selected by YLE. Qualifying for the grand final her song Monsters was a big hit amongst fans but failed to earn a good result in the final. She finished in a disappointing 25th place out of a possible 26.

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