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Eurovision 2011: Germany’s Lena in focus

One year after giving Germany their second victory in Eurovision, Lena returned to the contest. This time she brought her song “Taken By A Stranger”, a song with a slightly different tone than her winning song. When discussing one of the songs, it’s impossible not to compare to the other one. Read more

Eurovision 2017: Lithuania’s Fusedmarc in focus

In 2017 Fusedmarc won the right to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest. The band tried to impress the audience with an electronic sound. However, the result they got was far from ideal. “Rain of Revolution” achieved one of the worst results from Lithuania in the song contest. Read more

Eurovision 2013: Finland’s Krista Siegfrids in focus

In 2013 Krista Siegfrids represented Finland in Eurovision. In her song ‘Marry Me’ she asked her then fiancé to take their relationship to the next level. Moreover, ‘Marry Me’ became a song to support marriage equality in Finland which was still being discussed in the Nordic country back then. Read more

Eurovision 1993: Spain’s Eva Santamaría in focus

“All men are so selfish that they have confused “manly” for “macho” (…) all men are so special that they have managed to be all the same!”  Back in 1993, Eva Santamaría has had enough of sexism and wanted it to make it clear in her song.  She represented Spain in Millstreet, Ireland with a… Read more

Eurovision 2012: Russia’s Buranovskiye Babushki in focus

In 2012, Buranovskiye Babushki, who are affectionately known by the Eurovision fans as “the grannies”, represented Russia in Eurovision. They brought back home an impressive result. Fans still are in love with the charming personalities of the grannies. However, not all fans are delighted with their song. Read more

Eurovision 1971: Spain’s Karina in focus

In 1971, Spain ended up in second place in the Eurovision Song Contest, only two years after their second victory. Karina was the chosen one to represent Spain with a song with an optimistic message. Today fans share their opinions about this 70s song. Read more

Eurovision 1981: Finland’s Riki Sorsa in focus

When one thinks about Finland, reggae music is not usually the first thing that comes to people’s minds. However, that was Finland’s unusual choice for the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest. Riki Sorsa represented his country with a song inspired by this Caribbean music genre. Read more

Eurovision battle: Spain 2018 vs Lithuania 2018

Love and peace are two of the most common topics for a Eurovision Song Contest entry. However, some Eurovision contestants take it to the next level showing their love for their partners to the whole world. In 2018, Spain sent Amaia and Alfred to Lisbon to sing about their love story. Similarly, Lithuania’s Ieva brought… Read more

Eurovision 2015: Latvia’s Aminata in focus

In 2015, Latvia had not qualified for a final in six years. However, Aminata exceeded expectations. Her song ‘Love Injected’ not only gave Latvia a pass to the final, but it is also one of their best results in Eurovision. Many fans still consider this entry one of their favourites from the 2015 Eurovision Song… Read more