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Eurovision 2015: Latvia’s Aminata in focus

In 2015, Latvia had not qualified for a final in six years. However, Aminata exceeded expectations. Her song ‘Love Injected’ not only gave Latvia a pass to the final, but it is also one of their best results in Eurovision. Many fans still consider this entry one of their favourites from the 2015 Eurovision Song… Read more

Eurovision 2010: Finland’s Kuunkuiskaajat in focus

For the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 Finland sent a more traditional sound to the competition. Kuunkuiskaajat, a folk duo went to Oslo with  the song ‘Työlki Ellää’. Almost 11 years after their participation, fans have mixed opinions: Some enjoy a song in the national language in an underrepresented genre, others on the other hand,… Read more

Eurovision 2019: Ukraine’s Maruv in focus

When Maruv won the Ukrainian national selection she became a fan favourite for many. And, of course, Ukraine’s decision to withdraw from the contest came as a shock. Maruv herself was confident that, would she have participated in Eurovision, she would have finished “at least in the top three”. Many fans agree with her. Read more

Eurovision 2016: Romania’s Ovidiu Anton in focus

2016 was the first time in recent years that a selected artist for Eurovision didn’t make it to the shows. Ovidiu Anton was planning to sing ‘Moment Of Silence’ in Stockholm when Romania instead was disqualified. Today fans are split between those who think Ovidiu could have won – and those who are not impressed… Read more

Eurovision 2017: Belarus’ Naviband in focus

In 2017 Belarus made it to the final after not qualifying for two years. Naviband, a folk band lead by Artem Lukyanenko and Ksenya Zhuk, who are a couple in their private life, had the honour to bring Belarus back. Three years after their achievement most of the fans remember ‘Story of My Life’ and… Read more

Eurovision 1995: Norway’s Secret Garden in focus

Back in 1995 Ireland had won the Eurovision Song Contest for three years in a row. Norway got their second victory with the right formula at the time: an Irish/Norwegian duo that delighted the audience with a Celtic classical sound. 25 years later, the song is still loved by many Eurovision fans. Read more

Eurovision 1990: Spain’s Azucar Moreno in focus

In 1990 Azucar Moreno experienced one of the problems of live television. A technical problem took place when they performed their entry. Nevertheless, the girls came back onstage and brought back home a top 5 with their song “Bandido”. Many fans remember this flamenco song to these days.  Read more

The non Eurovision artists fans would love to see in the contest

From internationally acclaimed artists to their favourite singers and bands. We asked our Eurovision fan panel to name their beloved non-Eurovision artists they would love to see make it at the Eurovision Song Contest. Regardless of how unlikely (in some cases) it would be that these acts would actually accept the challenge and participate, this… Read more

Eurovision 2015: Australia’s Guy Sebastian in focus

In 2015 EBU surprised fans with a big announcement: Australia would debut in the Eurovision Song Contest to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the contest. Guy Sebastian was put in charge of representing Australia. It’s hard for fans to comment on his song without talking about whether or not the country should take part.  Read more

Eurovision 2017: Portugal’s Salvador Sobral in focus

Salvador Sobral’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest gave Portugal its first trophy in the contest 53 years following their debut. ‘Amar Pelos Dois’ was also the first winner sung entirely in a language different than English since Serbia’s victory in 2007. Not all Eurovision fans are equally impressed with this song though. Read more

Eurovision 2007: Ukraine’s Verka Serduchka in focus

When Ukraine chose Verka Serduchka for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 fans had mixed feelings about this act.  Today, many have learned to love the iconic act. Moreover, even outside of the Eurovision fan community, people easily associates Verka Serduchka with the song contest and its sometimes over the top gimmicks.  Read more

Eurovision 1973: Spain’s Mocedades in focus

Mocedades got international recognition when they finished second at the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest. 47 years after the Eurovision participation many fans still remember their song ‘Eres Tú’. Some go even further and consider this song the best Spanish entry in the contest.    Read more

Eurovision 1982: Germany’s Nicole in focus

In 1982 Germany won the Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time. The winning formula was a girl with her guitar singing about the anxiety and fear many people experience living in the midst of the cold war. Today fans still see this song with nostalgia while also noticing how the message of Nicole’s… Read more

Die grosse Entscheidungs Show 2012: Lys Assia in Focus

The Swiss National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 saw an extraordinary participant. It was no other than Lys Assia, the very first winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Notwithstanding that her song did not perform well in the national final, fans still remember this entry with some nostalgic. Read more

Mira quién va a Eurovisión 2014: Brequette in Focus

In 2014, Spain sent Ruth Lorenzo to represent the country in Copenhagen. Ruth’s victory in her national selection was due to a tie-breaking rule. Brequette came in second place with the same amount of points as Ruth Lorenzo. Her fans still wonder if she would have got a better result if the national selection’s rules… Read more

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2020: Erika Vikman in Focus

In 2020, Finland chose Aksel Kankaanranta to represent the Nordic country in Rotterdam. With the Eurovision Song Contest being cancelled we’ll never know which result he would have gotten. Erika Vikman, who finished in second place at UMK, was arguably a more competitive act. Read more