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Eurovision 2016: Austria’s Zoë in focus

At the Eurovision final in 2016, only one of the songs didn’t include any English in its lyrics. That was Austria’s Zoë who sung her song entirely in French. This was also the first time that Austria sent a song in French, bringing some variety in terms of languages. Read more

Eurovision 1974: Italy’s Gigliola Cinquetti in focus

1974 saw the return of Gigliola Cinquetti to Eurovision. France, an early favourite that year, withdrew from the competition on the same week Eurovision took place. The first Italian winner in 1964, had a good chance to win again in Brighton. In the end, she finished second after Sweden’s ABBA. Read more

Eurovision 2001: Slovenia’s Nuša Derenda in focus

Slovenia participated with Nuša Derenda in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001. Nuša represented her country with ‘Energy’, and she gave Slovenia their best result since 1995. The fans loved her ‘energetic’ performance in Copenhagen and it is still remembered among Eurovision followers. Read more

Eurovision 2007: Cyprus’ Evridiki in focus

The Eurovision Song Contest 2007 is probably one of the years with the highest number of rock entries. Cyprus was no exception to this trend. Evridiki was chosen to represent Cyprus for the third time. For her 2007 attempt she chose a rock song with a French touch. Read more

Eurovision 2008: Poland’s Isis Gee in focus

To commemorate this 4th of July we are looking back to the year Poland sent an American artist to Eurovision. At the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Poland was represented by Tamara Gee, who went by the name Isis Gee. She qualified to the final, finished in 24th place, but has since expanded her career beyond… Read more

Eurovision 2008: San Marino’s Miodio in focus

Miodio represented San Marino in 2008 with the song ‘Complice’. The song is one of only two Sammarinese entries sung in Italian. Miodio ended up in last place in the semi-final. Regardless of this result, fans still remember the first San Marino attempt in Eurovision. Read more

Eurovision 1989: Spain’s Nina in focus

When Nina was internally selected to represent Spain in 1989, she was relatively unknown. She surprised the press in her own country when she finished in sixth place at Eurovision. Nina is still active and she has participated in the Spanish music contest ‘Operación Triunfo’, which has been used to select the Spanish representatives in… Read more