Eurovision 2021: Postcards for semi-final 2

A small house in the middle of different locations in the Netherlands. These are the 2021 Eurovision postcards. Each house features objects, pictures, videos and other memorabilia linked to the artists. We take a look at the ones that accompany the acts in the second semi-final.

The last dress rehearsal took place this afternoon. All the acts performing in this semi-final stepped the Ahoy arena stage again, and the postcards were aired too. Here’s a quick overview on each of them:

San Marino: Senhit feat. Flo Rida – Adrenalina

Filmed in Eindhoven, we got the postcard from one of the most awaited acts in this semifinal. The little house of Senhit was decorated by wigs and manikins. There is also a video from her 2011 Eurovision performance as well as from other music performance she has made. Personal pictures are also present.

Estonia: Uku Suviste – The Lucky One

Zandvoort was the city for the Estonian postcard. More specifically, we enter a Formula One racetrack. A helmet and a racing car driver dress decorate the house. A picture of Uku wearing a smoking suit and a clown nose is also present. In the end, Uku greets dressed as a driver.

Czech Republic: Benny Cristo – Omaga

The Czech postcard took place in Almere. In his postcard we see personal pictures of himself. Moreover, we can see Benny Cristo’s golden medals and his Jiu Jitsu uniform. Aside of his musical career Benny Cristo practice this martial art.

Greece: Stefania – Last Dance

The filming of the Greek postcard took place in Vinkel. In this postcard, the little house is decorated with chairs, a table with plates and different types of food. In addition, there are pictures of Stefania and two passports; one from Greece and the other from the Netherlands, Stefania’s two nationalities.

Austria: Vincent Bueno – Amen

Nannewiid was the location for the Austrian postcard. In this postcard we see several hats, a camera and childhood pictures of Vincent. A video is playing on a computer showing Vincent dancing when he was a child. At the end of the postcard, Vincent Bueno greets the audience as he skates.

Poland: Rafał – The Ride

The Polish postcard was filmed at Schiphol’s airport. A surf table and a video of Rafal flying an aeroplane decorate the house. There are also ping pong pallets hanging on the wall. At the end of the postcard Rafal says hi to the audience dressed as a pilot.

Moldova: Natalia Gordienko- Sugar

Natalia Gordieno filmed her postcard on the island of Schiermonnikoog. The postcard of Moldova contains elements from her Sugar music video such as a giant ice cream and a train made of candy.  There is also a video of Natalia celebrating her birthday when she was a child.  At the end of the video Natalia is seen exercising in a yoga mattress.

Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years

Due to the unforeseeable circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Icelandic act will not perform live at the Ahoy for the semifinal. The Icelandic postcard was made in Amsterdam. Their podcast features lego pieces and figures made of lego, a checkers game, cups with the faces of the band and a coffee machine.

Serbia: Hurricane – Loco Loco

The girls from Hurricane filmed their postcard in Lisse. A floating flamingo and three beach chairs with the names of the girls from Hurricane accompany a video with the girls having fun in a beach. The house is also decorated by trophies and a painting in a paper.

Georgia: Tornike Kipiani – You

Rotterdam is the city in which the Georgian postcard was filmed. A construction drawing is featured on a table. There are guitars hanging on the wall, and we can enjoy a video with Tornike performing in a rock venue. At the end of the postcard, Tornike is seen boxing with a punching bag.

Albania: Anxhela Peristeri – Karma

Maastricht is the location of Anxhela’s postcard. In this postcard we can see a dinner table reserved for Anxhela. There is also a music box and a violin. Following we can see a video of Anxhela playing the violin and the artist herself greets us at the end of her postcard playing a violin solo.

Portugal: The Black Mamba – Love Is On My Side

Delft is the city for the Portuguese band’s postcard. The instruments of the band and a typing machine decorate the house. Also, a football ball and a video of the lead singer of The Black Mamba playing football is featured. There is also a video of the group performing on tour.

Bulgaria: Victoria – Growing Up Is Getting Old

The postcard for the Bulgarian act was filmed in Agelo. We can see a gramophone and music vinyls decorating the wall. The title of Victoria’s song on a frame and videos of Victoria when she was a baby are also present. When the postcard finishes, Victoria says hi to audience together with a parrot.

Finland: Blind Channel – Dark Side

Heerle was the location for Blind Channel’s postcard. Guitars are hanging on the wall. Beverages, soda cups, ink, black nail polish and rock band accessories are displayed in the podcast.

Latvia: Samanta Tīna – The Moon Is Rising

The place for Samanta’s postcard was filmed in is Middelburg. A video of Samanta’s various music presentations in the Latvian national final for Eurovision are shown. A mirror and frames also decorate the house. There are also perfumes and jewels.

Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers

Gjon’s Tears was one of the early favourites to win the 2021 contest. He filmed his postcard in Rotterdam. As a music lover himself, his house is decorated with records. There are also pictures of Gjon with his family and a video of Gjon’s Tears performing when he was a child.

Denmark: Fyr og Flamme – Øve os på hinanden

Finally, the Danish postcard was filmed in Nijmegen. VHS tapes are placed next to a TV. The three tapes include their 2021 entry, and their two hits Kamæleon and Menneskeforbruger. Repairing tools decorate the house. This postcard also features calendars and champagne bottles. At the end of the postcard the Danish duo is seen riding a red Puch maxi.

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