Eurovision 2021: Postcards from the pre-qualified acts

Inside a small house in the middle of different locations in the Netherlands we find small objects and elements with a sentimental meaning for the participants. Today, we will focus on the remaining postcards.

The final  Grand Final dress rehearsal took place this afternoon. All the acts stepped on the Ahoy arena stage again one last time before the big night. And we enjoyed the postcards from all the qualifiers plus the Big 5 and the Netherlands one more time. Below you find quick overview of their postcards of those from the pre-qualified acts.

United Kingdom: James Newman – Embers

James Newman will be the first candidate among the Big 5 to sing in this night. Performing in the first half, his postcard bring us to Gasselte. The postcard takes place on a beach. Next to the little house we can see a tent, and soon we will get to know the surrounding thematic. James Newman likes camping. The house includes James’s boots, a frying pan and a portable heater. James is frying two eggs in the pan in the postcard. The postcard also includes pictures of James swimming and a short video of his 2020 Eurovision music video.

Spain: Blas Cantó – Voy A Quedarme

Spanish pop singer Blas Cantó had his postcard in Doornspijk. The postcard shows us Blas performing when he was just a child. There are also family pictures, car models and two pet name signs. At the end of the postcard Blas Cantó greet the fans together with his two dogs.

Germany: Jendrik – I Don’t Feel Hate

Jendrik will perform in 15th place during the Grand Final. His postcard took place in the The Hague district of Scheveningen. We are coming to the beach in this postcard where we can see the feet steps of someone in the sand, a summer umbrella and Jendrik’s name made of little rocks in the sand. Several ukuleles are hanging on the wall including Jendrik’s own ukuleles that he decorated himself.

France: Barbara Pravi – Voilà

Barbara Pravi is one of the strongest candidates according to the bookies to win the Eurovision Song Contest tonight. Her postcard shows us a film with videos from Barbara as a little girl. There is a bed, a diary with family pictures, French wine and cheese and books behind Barbara. This postcard was filmed in Lelystad.

Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – Birth Of A New Age

Oudorp was the location for Jeanugu Macrooy’s postcard of the hosting candidate. The house includes instruments, pictures of Jeangu with his family and performing in a concert. There are also notes and drawings made by Jeangu himself.

Italy: Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni

Måneskin will be one of the last acts to perform during the night of the Grand Final, but they are definitely not the least. In fact, the Italian rock band is the favourite to win the contest altogether. For their postcard, filmed in Arnhem, we can see the instruments of the band and videos from them performing. The house also includes amplifiers and graffiti with the message “I heart Måneskin”.

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