Eurovision 2021: Grand Final Jury show (with predictions)

We are only 24 hours away from being able to crown a winner of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. This evening, half of the result was decided when the juries cast their votes. Who has what it takes to win?

It’s finally happening. After the cancelled contest last year, it was time to get a new Eurovision winner. As much as we love the Dutch 2019 winner Duncan Laurence, we can’t wait to get a new artist which we either love or hate, but all talk about and listen to. At the same time, we will most likely also know the host country of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. The winning country earns the right to host the country, if they can do so in a way which satisfy the European Broadcasting Union, EBU.

39 countries have now been reduced to the 26 in two semi-finals, which compete in the final of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

This evening, the final jury show took place, and as such half the votes to determine the outcome of the grand final have been cast and kept under tight lock and seal.

We asked people watching tonight’s jury show which three acts they believe the winner will be among. Their own personal preferences were irrelevant to the prediction, but we still asked them to list those too, just so you can see their own personal taste.

These countries can win Eurovision 2021

Name Prediction Personal favourites
🇩🇰 Charlotte J. Italy – Iceland – Ukraine Poland – Cyprus – Denmark
🇨🇿 Josef S. Italy – France – Ukraine Switzerland – France – Malta
🇨🇴 Alvaro S. France – Switzerland – Italy France – San Marino  – Belgium
🇸🇪 Tommy E. Malta – Switzerland – France Greece – Austria – The Netherlands
🇬🇧 Michael O. Italy – France – Lithuania Croatia – Israel – Serbia
🇹🇷 Günec G. Italy – France – Switzerland Italy – Finland – Azerbaijan
🇺🇸 Lauren O. Italy – Ukraine – Switzerland Italy – Malta – Russia
🇳🇱 Wouter V. France – Cyprus – Lithuania Belgium – Finland – France
🇩🇰 Jens- Erik M. Lithuania – Switzerland – France Lithuania – Iceland – Switzerland

Tomorrow, a third dress rehearsal will take place in the afternoon. After a couple of hours dinner break, the artists will be back for the big final. Close to one o’clock in the night, we’ll know the winner of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. That country will likely host Eurovision in 2022.

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