Eurovision 2021: What to expect from the Grand Final

Tomorrow evening, the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be held and broadcast from the Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Twenty-six countries, including the host nation, the Big Five and twenty semi-final qualifiers will compete for the prize as best song in Europe.

This afternoon the dress rehearsal took place so let’s take a closer look at what to expect tomorrow night.

The Opening

The show opens. like the semi-finals did with the views from the Netherlands, so you can enjoy it for a third time. There are some extra pieces taht feature Duncan Laurence.

The show opens with a singer singing Venus, and then the finalists arrive on stage. The acts walk down the stage to the beat of pulsating disco music. Lights on stage, light up the countries flag colours/ After Greece walks on, the hosts are on stage miming to Venus. Several acts were wearing face masks. Nikkie appears after France, but makes no attempt to sing.

Before the show started there was a problem with Cyprus, which caused an out of breath Chantal to come and improvise. We don’t want that to happen on the big night.

The Hosts

The hosts, Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley, Jan Smit and Nikkie de Jager  were all back ready to crown a new winner.. Chantal was all in gold today, Edsilia in lilac, Nikkie in purple and Jan in the standard suit. They told everyone how they could vote and then they announce that Cyprus will open the show.

After Serbia, Nikkie had a brief chat with Duncan Lauren about where he keeps his Eurovision trophy. She also asked Jamala, whose name came up on the screen as Emmelie De Forest, and Emmelie De Forest, where the screen displayed Jamala.

Edsilia climbed to the top of the Ahoy arena so everyone could get a birds eye view. The commentators boxes were up there, so Edsilia went to chat to them. She spoke to the Russian commentators and also the Danish ones, so they didn’t feel left out of the final.

The Interval Act

The first interval performance is called Music Binds Us. It features DJ Afrojack, Wulf and The Netherlands 2005 contestant, Glennis Grace. The performance starts out as a video in the heart of Rotterdam. People are out on the streets and trains, enjoying the city.

Afrojack meets up with the public and a full orchestra can be seen playing in the city. Glennis performs Titanium, as part of the procedures. We next see loads of flashing lights and finally with a mass of dancers we are back in the Ahoy arena. Music Binds Us was directed by Dutchman Tim Oliehoek.

There then follows a second run through of the songs.

Nikkie does a look back at past contestants in a quick dead pan video, where she describes how the votes will be announced around Europe and Australia, where she tells the announcers to focus on the announcement and forget their personal nonsense – good for her. There was also a video of a sneak peek behind the scenes. Edsilia takes past contestants on a ride around Rotterdam, which was supposedly due to be shown at last year’s contests. There was a nice little reunion from 1993 contestants, Niamh Kavanagh and Ruth Jacott. There was also a tribute to fans, throughout the years.

A final run through of the songs takes place. This will be your last chance to vote.

The next interval act is Rock The Roof. Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden 2015), Teach-In (Netherlands 1975), Sandra Kim (Belgium 1986), Lenny Kuhr (Netherlands 1969), Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005)  and Lordi (Finland 2006) all performed part of their winning songs from the rooftops of Rotterdam.

A recording of Duncan Laurence singing Arcade and his new song Stars, from the newly released deluxe version of his Small Town Boy CD, ended the interval performance.

The only thing that can’t be divulged today, is how the voting goes and who will be the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 winner.  Spain won the test vote, with Lithuania and Norway in second and third place.

Enjoy the show!!!!!

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