Presuntos Implicados releases live album with Lydia as lead vocalist

Lydia represented Spain at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest and, after several solo projects, in 2008 she became the lead singer of Presuntos Implicados, one of the most iconic Spanish pop bands. They’ve just released the 13th album of the group, La Noche 2, with live versions of their biggest hits.

The band Presuntos Implicados have decided to resume the formula with which they succeeded in the 90s with that live album called La Noche which was recorded in the Spanish city of Valencia. Now, they have just released the second part of this project, La Noche 2, whose essence is the same but there are several differences such as that it has been recorded in a different venue, Mexico City, and that the lead singer is no longer Soledad Giménez but Lydia Rodríguez, who represented Spain at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest with No Quiero Escuchar.

This project consists on a CD and a DVD which were recorded entirely in Mexico City last May at the concert the band gave at the popular venue Plaza Condesa which was attended by 800 fans. It is a journey through the story of the group and their greatest hits, including the performances of some special guests such as the duet Sandoval, Tommy Torres, Leonel García or the Colombian singer Santiago Cruz.

In addition to the hits of the group, it includes four unreleased songs: Está Ocurriendo, Valdría La Pena, Libre and Sin Ti.

The track list is as follows:

1.Nunca Es Para Siempre
4.Nadie Como Tú feat. Leonel García
5.La Noche feat. Sandoval
6.Está Ocurriendo feat. Santiago Cruz
7.Valdría La Pena
8.Cómo Hemos Cambiado feat. Tommy Torres
10.La Flor De La Mañana
11.Alma De Blues
12.Tenemos Que Hablar
13.Esta Tarde Vi Llover
15.En La Oscuridad
16.Todas Las Flores
17.Cuando Quiero Sol

1. Nunca Es Para Siempre
2. Llovió
3. Libre
4. En La Oscuridad
5.Tus Gestos
6 .Satélite
7. La Flor De La Mañana
8. Alma De Blues
9. Tenemos Que Hablar
10. Nadie Como Tú feat. Leonel García
11. Valdría La Pena
12. She
13. Está Ocurriendo feat. Santiago Cruz
14. Esperaré
15. Sin Ti
16. Gente
17. Esta Tarde Vi Llover
18. La Noche feat. Sandoval
19. Vuelvo A Pensar
20. Cómo Hemos Cambiado feat. Tommy Torres
21. Todas Las Flores
22. Cuando Quiero Sol
23. Fallen

In the video below you can listen to the first single of La Noche 2, Nunca Es Para Siempre, which means Never Is Forever.

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