Kikki Danielsson in drug smuggling charge

Poor Kikki Danielsson. In recent years her career has been overshadowed by her turbulent private life. The troubled star seemed to be getting back on track again with a triumphant comeback last summer. Judging by the latest shocking news, Danielsson is on a downer once more.

With hits such as Dag Efter Dag as one half of Chips, and placing 3rd for Sweden at the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest with Bra Vibrationer, things were looking so rosy for Kikki Danielsson as she took to the throne as the uncrowned queen of Swedish dansband music. Further on down the line however, the hits dried up yet Danielsson remained in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Her constant battle with alochol, fluctuating weight problem and tragic private life made for bountiful pickings for the Swedish press.

With fame rapidly turning to ridicule, it seemed that Danielsson’s music career was practically in tatters. Then, in her own inimitable style, the former Eurovision entrant seemed to bounce back into the spotlight, clearly revived and full of energy with a comeback album last summer, aptly titled Första Dagen På Resten Av Mitt Liv (The First Day of the Rest of My Life). The joy of the singer was to be shortlived however, with tragedy striking yet again this year with the loss of two of her beloved pets. Her latest personal nightmare began in the autumn of 2010, when a package containing 240 Diazepam tablets addressed to the star were stopped on their way into Sweden from India. Following charges of drug smuggling, the star appeared in court earlier this year and was overjoyed when she was acquitted of the charges made against her. An appeal was quickly lodged by the prosecution however, a decision wich Danielsson claims was made sheerly as a result of her fame and nothing else.

Danielsson has contantly maintained her innocence, claiming that she thought she had ordered sleeping pills and not a class A narcotic substance. The court however, failed to buy the star’s explanation. The ailing artist has been publicly dreading her court appearance, terrified at the thought of being served a jail sentence and having to serve time. Having been seen dishevelled and crying publicly at her local supermarket, it all seemed to become too big a burden for the artist as she plummeted towards rock bottom yet again.

Danielsson’s fortunes seem to be on the rise once more however, as she was sentenced yesterday, escaping a stretch in the big house, instead receiving a fine of SEK 10,000 (EUR 1,160) and a reprimand. Speaking to Swedish press, the clearly relieved and delighted celeb told of how she was overjoyed that the Swedish judicial system seems to work and that she can finally begin to live again after having this ordeal hang over her for so long.

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