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NRK calls for submissions in Norway for MGP 2015

Since taking over the responsibility as musical director of Norway’s favourite show Melodi Grand Prix, Vivi Stenberg has given fans exactly what they want and in doing so, has secured Norway two consecutive top ten results. Do all good things come in threes? NRK certainly hopes so as it calls for potential candidates for 2015.… Read more

Adelén back for more with Olé

Adelén took to the stage and blew both viewers and fans away with her second placed Bombo in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix in 2013. Now she’s back with ther latest single Olé, and is in pretty exclusive company on a new compilation album. Aged only sixteen, Adelén took to the stage and gave a… Read more

SRF reveals first details as Swiss charts see Eurovision action

Sebalter gave Switzerland it’s best result in years in Copenhagen this year. We have to look back almost ten years since Switzerland did as well with Vanilla Ninja and Cool Vibes in 2005. Swiss broadcaster SRF confirmed their participation at next years event with an appeal on their official website. Neighbouring Austria may have taken… Read more

Alexander Rybak in viking cartoon scoop

Former Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak’s dream came true upon winning for Norway in 2009. He is presently working on an entirely new fairytale, in the form of an animated film, How To Train Your Dragon 2, due for release on the 4th of July. Since winning the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with Fairytale, the talented… Read more

Eurovision 2014: 3rd dress rehearsal for the final

With no clear favourites this year, this could be one of the most exciting contests in recent history. Potentially, there are at least six or seven songs that could win tonight’s final possibly resulting in a race right down to the wire. Hopefully today’s 3rd dress rehearsal will give us some indications as to where… Read more

Eurovision 2014 day 9 – Spain’s second rehearsal

Spain’s hopes rest on the shoulders of former X Factor participant Ruth Lorenzo. She gave a first rehearsal that was vocal perfection and which got certain press members highly excited. Would she be able to follow up with more of the same today or would the rain make her performance all washed out?  Spain’s set… Read more

Eurovision 2014 day 9: Denmark’s second rehearsal

All eyes were on Basim today as he took to the stage for a second time to perform the song that has Denmark singing Skuba duba dab dab didi daj in unison. His first performance was lacking the spark and energy we’ve seen him deliver previously so he had a great deal to prove today.… Read more

Eurovision 2014 day 9: United Kingdom’s second rehearsal

Molly suffered slight technical issues during her first run through but went on to deliver a fantastic first rehearsal to boost british morale. Would she pull of another solid set of rehearsals today to prove that the United Kingdom is in it to win it this year? Molly took to the stage for her second… Read more

Eurovision 2014: 1st dress rehearsal of 1st semi final

Today is a day of firsts. Excitement and anticipation is building here on Eurovision Island today, as the sixteen acts of the first semi take to the stage for their dress rehearsal. We will also get to see the highly innovative postcards for each country after Friday’s sneak peak.  EuroVisionary will upload 2D as well… Read more

Eurovision 2014 day 7 – Denmark’s first rehearsal

It was time for host favourite Basim to take to the stage with his infuriatingly catchy Cliche Love Song. He proved how versatile an artist he is when performing his entry as a ballad yesterday, so hopes are high for Basim’s first set of rehearsals today.  The setting for the Danish stage show was quite… Read more

Eurovision 2014 day 7 – Germany’s first rehearsal

German girl trio Elaiza is the first act of the big five nations to kick off rehearsals this Sunday with their quirky entry Is It Right. Their victory in the German final was a surprise to many – would they have any surprises in store for us today with their rehearsal? Despite an earlyish start… Read more

Acts wow attendees at Nordic party tonight

Guests lucky enough to have been invited to the Nordic party made their way to Euroclub tonight. Attendees were served a veritable smörgåsbord of Nordic talent tonight, with all five entrants   performing all of their entries as well as other music. Eurovisionary was there to partake in the typical Nordic hospitality. Invited press were… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 6 – Switzerland’s second rehearsal

Swiss entrant Sebalter gave a polished if rather stiff first rehearsal on Wednesday. In the meantime he and his troupe have been entertaining fans at the EuroClub as well as spreading joy while playing outdoors in Copenhagen so hopefully today’s rehearsal will see the positivity continue. Whistling wonder Sebalter continues his hunt for stars today… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 6 – Ireland’s second rehearsal

After a rather shaky start, Kasey Smith and Can-Linn took to the stage hoping to improve on their first rehearsal. With a rather unnerving false start on Wednesday, Kasey needs a successful rehearsal today to build her confidence and to reassure fans that Ireland is in with a chance to qualify next week. We immediately… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 6 – Austria’s second rehearsal

Austria’s Conchita Wurst gave a mesmerising performance on Wednesday and hers has been the name on many lips here in Copenhagen. She revealed earlier in the week that she has a background in fashion design, so it will be interesting to see if her choice of outfit for today is similarly inspired as the one… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 6 – Norway’s second rehearsal

Carl Espen convinced with an intense performance and stellar vocals on Tuesday. Would Silent Storm blow people away a second time around or would it merely turn into a cool breeze? During Carl Espen’s second time on stage, the staging was identical to Tuesday’s rehearsal – the darkened stage featuring a rough sea as a… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – Hungary’s second rehearsal

Hungary’s András Kallay-Saunders gave his an electrifying first rehearsal brimming with energy. We’re hoping for much of the same consistency with his second rehearsal today or will we see András running out of steam in his race for first place? The juggernaut that is the Hungarian entry shows no sign of running out of Momentum… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – The Netherland’s second rehearsal

The Common Linnets aka Ilse DeLange and Waylon gave a confident, understated performance in their first rehearsal, showing that simplicity is often most effective. Waylon may have stuck with a western themed outfit but Ilse DeLange turned on the glamour in a highly innovative dress. The Dutch have excelled themselves in keeping things simple and… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – San Marino’s second rehearsal

Valentina Monetta’s use of the shell prop on stage became much more visible today, with effective use of lighting, providing some interesting contrasts. For such an understated and demure number, could the shell be percieved as overkill? Elements of San Marino’s staging are very fetching – the topaz blue stage floor hidden beneath the dry… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – Belgium’s second rehearsal

Cherub faced Axel Hirsoux from Belgium gave a powerful, heart wrenching vocal performance on Monday, but the staging was just a little too static. Would we see changes today and would he still be sporting his trademark tuxedo on stage?  Axel takes to the stage for his second set of rehearsals with the same stunning… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – Azerbaijan’s second rehearsal

Azerbaijan’s Dilara Kazimova gave a breathtakingly simple yet stunning performance of her entry the first time round. Would Start a Fire smoulder and set the stage alight today or would it simply peter out? They normally have some spectacular stage gimmick up their sleeve so we waited with baited breath for a big costume reveal.… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – Albania’s second rehearsal

Hersi is back for her second rehearsal of One Night’s Anger today. The albanian delegation did quite a bit of experimenting in terms of backdrop and staging the first time round, so it would be interesting to see if they had made any decisions ahead of today’s rehearsal. Visually, Albania’s One Night’s Anger has come… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – Sweden’s second rehearsal

Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen was back for her second rehearsal, one of the most anticipated of the day. Would today’s rehearsal be just as polished as those we saw first time around or would Sanna Nielsen end up coming undone? The same piercing light effects were seen on stage today during the opening of Undo, forming… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – The EBU Press Conference

Press gathered in anticipation at an official press conference today, where both representatives from host broadcaster DR and Executive Supervisor for the EBU Jon Ola Sand together with Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker had a few treats in store as well as important information surrounding the contest to impart to those present. Today’s press conference held… Read more

Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – Latvia’s second rehearsal

The fun loving Latvians led by German Joran Steinhauer have been entertaining both press and fans during their time in Copenhagen with playful performances and general capers. Their cake baking was interruped on the very first rehearsal due to technical issues. Joran begins the Latvian rehearsals by walking to the centre of the huge stage… Read more

Eurovision 2014 day 3 – Slovenia’s first rehearsal

Tinkara Kovač is the penultimate act of the day performing her entry Round and Round or Spet as it was originally known. She sings a bilingual version in her first rehearsal but will this leave her going round and round in circles or will she and Slovenia be headed straight for the final? Tinkara takes… Read more