Eurovision 2014 day 9 – Spain’s second rehearsal

Spain’s hopes rest on the shoulders of former X Factor participant Ruth Lorenzo. She gave a first rehearsal that was vocal perfection and which got certain press members highly excited. Would she be able to follow up with more of the same today or would the rain make her performance all washed out? 

Spain’s set of rehearsals opened with aerial views of the stage floor, showing ripples from raindrops which are complemented by rainfall on the rear stage wall together with sapphire blue LED lights. A number of downlights form a V shape which shines down on Ruth making her almost ethereal. Water also overflows from the troughs around the edge of the stage.
Ruth was the embodiment of glamour as she stood on stage in a dazzling, jewel encrusted floor length gown. There were some rather strange small metal plates attatched to the upper part of the dress which look out of place. Her four backing singers are out of focus at the side of the stage.
Ruth’s first run through was captivating from the very first note. She performed vocal acrobatics that would make any diva proud and when using her full lung capacity for that astonishingly long note, she blows all others out of the water in terms of vocal performance. Ruth was off key in a few places in her second run through, but nothing major. Her third and final run through was once again spot on and had fans both inside the hall and in the press centre ecstatic.
Her performances were continually passionate with some powerful gesticulation that looked like sheer elegance on screen. She obviously has the knack of camera communication down to a fine art and is a joy to behold as she engages viewers to join her in dancing in the rain. After today’s performance, Spain are looking like a real contender for this year’s crown. 
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