Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – Hungary’s second rehearsal

Hungary’s András Kallay-Saunders gave his an electrifying first rehearsal brimming with energy. We’re hoping for much of the same consistency with his second rehearsal today or will we see András running out of steam in his race for first place?

The juggernaut that is the Hungarian entry shows no sign of running out of Momentum just yet. Today’s last rehearsal was strutting with dynamic – the fast paced tune perfectly complemented by fast moving images on the stage floor – the backdrop remains the same as in the first rehearsal, a nighttime cityscape.
András has with him on stage two dancers and a pianist in the background. The female dancer is dressed in white and wears a white mask, just like in the music video – the other dancer is male and dressed in black with a red face mask – good versus evil. András himself is dressed quite slickly in a tight fitting black t-shirt with black trousers. 
The song starts with András sitting on a chair, gesticulating while singing before tipping the chair over and running across the stage down the catwalk. András walks back to the centre of the stage, the camera showing the hall behind him which will look fantastic once it’s full. The dancers provide the most movement on stage, playing what looks like hide and seek under and on top of the piano and then playing out quite a dramatic dance routine at the side of the stage, representing a struggle. Their masks seem to have disappeared during the course of the three run throughs. 
Vocally, this wasn’t András’ best rehearsal – it was generally passable, but there was a distinct lack of energy in his voice today – it lacked punch and it was clear that he was holding back. By the third and final run through, his vocals were back on track and all looks well once more for Hungarian qualification on Tuesday.
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