Eurovision 2014 Day 5 – San Marino’s second rehearsal

Valentina Monetta’s use of the shell prop on stage became much more visible today, with effective use of lighting, providing some interesting contrasts. For such an understated and demure number, could the shell be percieved as overkill?

Elements of San Marino’s staging are very fetching – the topaz blue stage floor hidden beneath the dry ice with Valentina Monetta standing on a small glittering podium is very elegant, but the idea of the shell seems to be poorly conceived. With the subtelty of a bull in a china shop, of course we get the reference to the line in the song. But this is just too bold a statement and does nothing for the simple elegance of the song itself.
Valentina chose a dazzilingly white flowing gown for her rehearsal today, which accentuated her flame red her perfectly. She looked extremely confident on stage and gave a passionate performance, although she needs to go a little easier on the gesticulation as it can quickly become too much. On the whole however, she created an image of gracefulness with almost ballerina like qualities when she performed today.
Her voice was pitch perfect and carried well and matched her backing singers very nicely – they gave her ample assistance. She sings with such ease and it’s easy to see the joy she feels by being here shine through. A great second rehearsal for Valentina, just a shame about the over the top staging. 
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