Eurovision 2014 Day 6 – Austria’s second rehearsal

Austria’s Conchita Wurst gave a mesmerising performance on Wednesday and hers has been the name on many lips here in Copenhagen. She revealed earlier in the week that she has a background in fashion design, so it will be interesting to see if her choice of outfit for today is similarly inspired as the one we saw earlier in the week.

She came, she saw, she conquered. Conchita’s second rehearsal saw her wearing a stunning beige and gold creation that reached down to the floor, creating a small train behind her. Identical staging to the first rehearsal was used today, with Conchita singing the opening lines on a darkened stage only lit with a few pale rays shining down on her. The backdrop then gradually changes to a reddish orange tone with yellow shooting stars and what looked like bubbling lava at the bottom before the phoenix flames come into effect. Dry ice is also used, covering the stage floor. 
Right before the second run through began, the technician in the hall labelled Austria as a pyro country, giving us a hint of what was to come. The second run through was finished with small fireworks that went off at either side of her, which didn’t quite work on screen.
Conchita gave a very confident performance today where she oozed professionalism. Her voice didn’t seem as strong and dynamic as during the first rehearsal, but it was nevertheless impressive. She manages to convey so much with very little gesticulation, concentrating instead on focusing on the camera and engaging with those watching. 
The third run through was interrupted and Conchita had to start over, but once past this distraction she went on to give an extemely competent final run through. A different pyro effect was also used here, with flames leaping out on either side of the stage which came across much better on camera than the fireworks. Conchita’s rehearsal got without doubt the biggest reception so far today, both in the hall and the press centre and so far looks like one of the safest bets for qualification on Thursday.

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