Hungary 2015: The last finalists revealed through the 2nd Semi-final in A Dal

This evening continued the search for the artist that will represent Hungary in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in May in Vienna, with the second semi-final of the television show A Dal 2015. We already know the names of four finalists and their songs, which resulted from the first semi-final last week.

Like last Saturday, 9 out of the total 18 artists who passed from the three qualifying rounds previously held competed tonight. Only four of them, however, earned a place in the grand final, scheduled for next Saturday, February 28th.

The voting process included two rounds: in the first round, there were 3 candidates selected by the jury, the votes via SMS and via a specific application in the mobile phones of the tv viewers. Then in the second round, another candidate was selected from the remaining six only by the votes via SMS and through the application.

The jury consists of Pierrot (songwriter/performer/producer), Jenő Csiszár (presenter of television and radio broadcasts), Magdi Rúzsa (singer and representative of Hungary in the Eurovision contest of 2007) and Philip Rákay (manager of the TV channel MTV).

The nine candidates who competed in tonight’s second semi-final of A Dal 2015 were as follows: 

  • Bálint GájerThat’s how it goes – 38 points

A retro song here as we get back in the 1930’s.  A swing-type song with some girls dancing to the rhythm in the background. An entertaining song that you either love or hate. It could be a nice choice for Vienna. QUALIFIED by the sms voting

  • Bogi DallosWorld of violence – 38 points

One of the favourites to win the whole thing here. It’s a song of pain about the state of the world with considerably more than six on stage. It’s a very dark lyric, but this is no Running, let me tell you. It’s earnest, yes, and she is performing it as well as she can, in a different outfit this time.  Great use of strings though and it might also be a schalger song. A great chance to win.

  • Gabi Szűcs Úgysem felejtesz el – 33 points

First song in the native language. This has improved from the recorded version but it seems to be a very mid-80’s song, both in feel and in terms of choreography, with heavy shoulder padding not helping the look. Dated rather than retro I am thinking and the stage presentation won’t help it. 

  • Gergő Oláh A tükör előtt – 39 points

A slow ballad from a man, an impassioned performance and the second song in Hungarian. Five people accompany him as backing vocalists. A song that jury members loved in the previous round and might love here too. Good vocals and performance.

  • Gyula Éliás Jr. feat. FourtissimoRun to you – 37 points

It’s trying to be a smokey old American country song with an edge, but also with schlagery overtones. A little bit messy because it isn’t a song of a clear music type. It’s certainly not bad and will connect with the audience as in the previous round I think.

  • ÍvFire – 41 points

Another dark, sultry song performed like an Italian entry here. It doesn’t have much musically but, when you are smouldering all over the screen, you don’t need to I guess. Not a bad song at all but nothing special. Just goes to show what a visual performance can give a song I guess. QUALIFIED by the jury and the app votes

  • Kati WolfNe engedj el – 44 points

This is one more favourite to win. Kati is back after her 2011 eurovision experience (What about my dreams – 22nd place). She sang with pictures of her on the back of the stage. A very vocally strong entry as most expect and a song that both juries and public would love. QUALIFIED by the jury and the app votes

  • Other Planet Untold story – 40 points

A repetitive tune and it looks like a beardy man with guitars singing a ballad in pain. Nice vocals although and I have to admit that is has some quality so the juries might vote for it, but the public? A U2 song style here.

  • PassedMesmerize – 43 points

This song is just a woman that is singing one note and, at times, she has trouble with that one. The introduction of a harpist really doesn’t help despite the cracking head movements she has. I do think however that the title is more to do with making you fall asleep rather than hypnotised by her charms. The worst vocals of the night. QUALIFIED by the jury and the app votes

The points next to each entry is the total amount of points from the 4-member jury and the app votes. The maximun number of points is 50.  

So after the second Semi-final, the 8 songs that will compete in next Saturday’s final of A Dal are:

  • Ádám Szabó (Give me your love) watch here
  • Boglárka «Boggie» Csemer (Wars for nothing) watch here
  • Spoon (Keep marching on) watch here
  • Zoltán Mujahid (Beside you) watch here
  • Kati Wolf (Ne endedj el) watch here
  • Passed (Mesmerize) watch here
  • Iv (Fire) watch here
  • Balint Gajer (That’s how it goes) watch here

Watch next Saturday 28th February at 20.25 CET here and find out which will be the next Hungarian entry in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. 

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In my view

A very difficult decision for the Hungarians next week in their national final. There are at least 4 songs that are equally strong and can represent their country in the contest in Vienna next May. I think that the fight for the euroticket will be between Kati Wolf and Adam Szabo but none can exclude Boggie from the game. A big surprise today for Bogi not to quallify because many thought she was the favourite to win the entire A Dal. It will be the strongest final until now for sure and the most unpredictable. Very good work for the Hungarians this year!

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