Boggie wins A Dal 2015 in Hungary

After three heats and two semifinals rounds, today was the crucial moment for the final of A Dal 2015, the TV show that for the fourth year in a row was used as the mechanism for the choice of the Hungarian participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Big winner of the night was Boggie with the song Wars for nothing.

Three male, three female singers and two bands were the eight finalists, who managed to get to the final to claim the coveted ticket to represent the central European country in this year’s Eurovision in Vienna.

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Get to know with the A Dal 2015 participants 

The songs: 

  • Ádám SzabóGive me your love

He sounded impassioned like he did in his semifinal. A very emotional ballad with very good singing skills. A song that in the previous rounds and the jury and public both loved. Another ballad in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? Why not, if it is a good one like this. A strong contestant I think. The only negative thing is that this is a more "radio" song than one you’d expect to see in a contest like Eurovision.

  • Boglárka "Boggie" CsemerWars for nothing

Boggie as is more known in Hungary tells in her interviews that the political situation in Ukraine inspired her and wrote this song. A very slow and heart rending performance of a song that should melt the hearts of many people. It’s almost as good as it was in the semi final and has the same backing screen with all the things we fight against slowly going through the screen.  She wears a blue dress this time. If you can have a good old fashioned protest song, this’ll be it. It will surely gets votes for older ages. Boggie and her back vocalists connect with everyone. This song is the second favourite to win today’s A Dal final. 

  • Zoltán MujahidBeside you

Mujahid sings this song really well and for the first time he doesn’t wear the Red Army uniform he used to wear in the previous rounds. The song itself it is strong and inoffensive and just performed by him facing front and singing. I do think, however, there is something missing and it could be the choreography here. Maybe the most Eurovisionsque song of tonight’s final, could do well in Vienna. 

  • SpoonKeep marching on

Spoon were saved in all rounds from the public so it seems that they have already a lot of fans across Hungary. The boyband sing their fresh song which adds a hint of retro to proceedings.  A really interesting entry which makes it all the stronger due to the fact that we have four talented singers. They all wear the same suits, singing a song that would be equally at home in the 70’s, 80’s and today. However, it has a bit of a Firelight vibe behind it that makes you sway and smile and everyone loves that kind of songs with cute boys ,guitars and suites.

  • ÍvFire

Ív said in her interviews that quallifying to the A Dal final is the biggest achievement in her life. She enjoys making underground music and this is what she does here. A dark, sultry song performed with a likeness of an Italian entry. It doesn’t have much going for it musically but, when you are smouldering all over the screen, you don’t need to I guess. An entry that you will like in the second listen even more. However I would class it as one of the weakest entries in tonight’s final and wouldn’t rank is as a good choice for Vienna.

  • Kati WolfNe engedj el!

Here is the favourite to win. Kati returns after her 2011 Eurovision experience What about about my dreams qualified to the final in Dusseldorf. She now wants a second try. Kati opts to sing in Hungarian this tima as she already told in her interviews during this series. She sang with pictures of her on the back of the stage. A very vocally strong entry as most expect and a song that both juries and public would love, as they did in the previous rounds of the competition. Fans love her and wants to see her back on the Eurovision stage.

  • PassedMesmerize

Passed is a group that met in Facebook and maybe is the biggest surprise in A Dal. The song is so simple but it seems popular and many like this. The female singer of the band sings in one note mostly and the other members of the band play instruments. They use a harpist also. It isn’t bad but it sounds like two songs together in some part of it. I don’t think that it would be a good idea for sending it in Vienna, cause Passed has a lot of work to do more, in order to be able for a big project like that.

  • Bálint GájerThat’s how it goes 

This is the first song in english that Balint sings as he admitted, and he sings it very well. A retro song here as we get back in the 1930’s. A swing-type song with some girls dancing to the rhythm in the background. An entertaining song that you very difficult dislike. A song that saved by the public last time and could make the surprise and in the final i think.  He wears a grey suite and his "girls" wear silver dresses, very pleasant for the eye. Big applause in the stadium.

The show: 

As in all previous broadcasts of A Dal 2015, presenter of tonight’s final was the TV persona Csilla Tatár, assisted by actor Levente Harsányi, who was at the Green Room to interview each contestant after appearing.

The jury consisted of songwriter, performer and producer Pierrot, the presenter of television and radio programs Jenő Csiszár, the program director of the television channel MTV Philip Rákay and popular singer Magdi Rúzsa – she was representative of Hungary in the Eurovision 2007 with the song Unsubstantial blues, giving the country the 9th place.

The show started at 20.25 CET with a small video reminded us the 8 finalists and after that immediately we were inside the studio that the final was hosted with a song performed by all the participants. After that we had a small intro from the two hosts of the night and another video introducing to the tv viewers the 4 members of the jury. 

Small videos like in the original Eurovision before every contestant in order the stage to be prepared. After each performance we see Levente Harsanyi taking interviews from the green room and reading messages the tv viewers sent via the social medias.

A humouristic video with all the participants singing live their songs in different places in Budapest before we had the judge’s results. After the jury’s results we had an interval act with some Hungarian singers, while the lines were opened for the public to vote. 

Another interview with the remaining contestants from the green room, while we see in a recap video the 4 songs. Before we had the final results a video prepairing us for the next interval act. András Kállay-Saunders the 2014 representative of Hungary in the Eurovision in Copenhagen too to the stage performing one of his new songs and of course his last year’s entry "Running" which reached the 5th place in the 2014 Final.

After a small interview with András we again see the 4 songs and the numbers people have to call to vote for the last time before the final results. The 4 contestants are all in the stage for the announcement of the winner.

The voting: 

On this evening the eight finalists performed live their entries and then the voting follow in two rounds.

In the first round, each member of the jury evaluated the finalists giving 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points in the six songs of their choice. In the second round, the four entries with the highest scores from the jury will be made available to the public, which determined the vote in 100% televoting, which of them will travel in May in Vienna.

The results in the first round were:

Ádám Szabó – Give me your love 28points
Boglárka "Boggie" Csemer – Wars for nothing 26 points
Zoltán Mujahid – Beside you 20 points
Spoon – Keep marching on 20 points
Ív – Fire 4 points
Kati Wolf – Ne engedj el! 18 points
Passed – Mesmerize 0 points
Bálint Gájer – That’s how it goes  0 points

After the first round of voting the four songs that were available to the public to vote and chose the next represantative of Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest were: 

  • Ádám Szabó – Give Me Your Love 
  • Boggie – Wars For Nothing
  • Zoltán Mujahid – Beside You
  • Spoon – Keep Marching On

All of them were quallified from the 1st semifinal!

The TV viewers voted for "Wars for nothing", so Boggie will fly the Hungarian flag in Vienna.

Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Hungary has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 12 times since making its debut in 1994. Hungary attempted to participate in 1993 but failed to qualify from a special qualifying competition set up for seven former eastern bloc countries.

Hungary’s first contest in 1994 remains its most successful, with Friderika Bayer finishing in fourth place. Hungary would not return to the top ten for 13 years, until Magdi Rúzsa finished ninth in 2007. In 2013, ByeAlex finished tenth. This was followed in 2014 by András Kállay-Saunders, who gave Hungary its fourth top ten placement and best result since 1994, when he finished fifth. This year Hungary participates in the second half of the first semifinal in 19 May 2015 in Vienna.

Below you can watch the song that will represent Hungary in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest:  

In my view

The best song won in Hungary. With a very strong final with good song and nice voices A Dal seems to be one of the best national finals across Europe and for sure Hungary will have another top10 place in May. A so sweet song with great lyrics and music.

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Source: EuroVisionary, Wikipedia, MTV Hungary
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