3JS release new single and spectacular new video

In the final stages of their Bronnen tour, trio 3JS release their newest single, Zo Mooi Als Jij (As Beautiful As You) next Friday, a befitting end to their tour which finishes in Gouda on the 16th of April.

The trio 3JS made the news for all of the wrong reasons back in the beginning of January, when guitarist Jaap de Witte made a shock exit from the group, as a result of a neurological disorder which had begun to take its toll on his guitar playing. De Witte still made appearances on the Bronnen tour, providing backing vocals for his two former bandmates, Jan Dulles and Jaap Kwakman. Managing to keep it in the family, Jaap was replaced by his son Jan.

Still going strong, the trio are bringing their Bronnen tour to an end with the release of the latest single to be lifted from their compilation album, Het Beste van 3JS: Totzoverder, Zo Mooi Als Jij (As Beautiful As You). The band are trying something different with their latest release, with the help of an impressive animated video, where all band members become cartoon characters, which will be another first for the band. The music video will also recieve its premier on Friday the 12th of April. Until then, you can enjoy a live performance of the song by the band below.

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