Stephanie Topalian representing Asia in Genealogy

Today the fourth member of the Armenian Genealogy project was presented. Stephanie Topalian, singer, songer and actress, from Japan will represent Asia in this project which will compete for Armenia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song Don’t Deny.

Europe, America and Africa has already had their Genealogy member presented. Today followed the one from Asia with the announcement of Stephanie Topalian. She is actually born in the United States with a Japanese mother and an Armenian father, but today she lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Stephanie graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University’s Law School, but today works as a singer and an actrss, and in the combination of those two as several of her songs has been used in TV and video production. In 2007 she received an award for being "Best New Artist" in Japan.

The other Genealogy members:  

On the 3rd of March the fifth member of Genealogy will be announced. Once we have all six of them the song will be presented.

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