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Željko Joksimović compose for Belarus

Ex participant of the Eurovision Song Contest, Željko Joksimović, has agreed to be the composer for the Belarusian singer for Dusseldorf 2011, Irina Dorofeeva. Željko has known Irina for 11 years because they have participated together in many festivals around Europe. "Yesterday there was a meeting of their delegation where the head, Lukashenko, expressed his… Read more

Montenegro Says ‘No’ to Düsseldorf 2011

Macedonian broadcaster, RTCG, has confirmed that it will not participate at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany. The country made its solo debut in the 2007, with Stevan Faddy and the song Ajde, kroči. They achieved poor results without qualifying to the final. In 2008 in Belgrade, Stefan Filipović participated, singing Zauvjek volim… Read more

The Balkans prepare for Düsseldorf 2011

2010 was a year when we experienced Norwegian hospitality as the host nation welcomed us for 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Preperations are now underway for the 56th contest next year in Germany in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.  The countries Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and FYR Macedonia had previously participated as ex Yugoslavia,… Read more

Dino Merlin will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in Düsseldorf

BHTR chose Dino Merlin to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Germany. National broadcaster wanted to pick someone impressive, an active artist who made excellent results during his career, guaranteed by highest professional standards.  Dino Merlin (Edin Dervišhalidović) will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 56th The Eurovision Song Contest… Read more

Slovenia has second rehersal

Slovenia had its second rehersal today in the Telenor Arena, where the staff started organising the space and the seats. Everything is on set, with just a few more rehersals needs to be done until we will see the semi-finals. These days all rehersals are a bit faster than the first days, because the semi-finals are coming… Read more

Miro rocks on the stage

Miro entered the stage as the real angel and took his first rehearsal in Oslo. We saw something different this time. The stage was white and shining, covered by silver lights. The performances also had a specific choreography because of the costumes . It is a disco pop song, which gives you reason to dance. There were… Read more

Slovenia with its folk-rock

Today Slovenia had their first rehersal in the Telenor Arena in Oslo. They will participate in second semi-final, and their rehersals started on a sunny and warm day. There were six of them on the stage, performing a song which is mix of Slovenian folk and rock. We have an accordian player, two guitars, contrabass, as well as the female… Read more

Sweden’s first rehearsal

Sweden will participate 6th in the second semifinal, and they had their first rehearsal today in the Telenor Arena. The sun is shining outside, so everyone is quite happy and shiny This beauty entered the stage for the first time, with her song This is my life. The stage was red, they were dressed in white… Read more

It was ‘more than words’ for Harel Skaat

Today, rehersals began for the songs from the second semi-final. The third song to sing today was Israel and the beautiful voice of Harel Skaat. And his words were saying many things. Before he started singing, people who came to the arena were so excited about listening his song live. Israel flags were being waved by fans… Read more

FYR Macedonia took its first rehersal

Gjoko took his first rehearsal today with his song Jas ja imam silata presenting FYR Macedonia. He brought the great atmosphere and good acoustic sound on stage Gjoko’s song is the one which have the two styles in it, pop-rock and rap. On the stage were three dancers behind him and one box where they were… Read more

The whole arena heard the Greeks shout OPA!

First he said OPA and then the music started. Giorgos was the 5th today to participate in the first rehearsals. And it went well. The stage started with a flash, hearing the OPA, seeing men in white clothes. There was an emphasis on spotlights. Vocally it was really good, and the performance was very interesting… Read more

Marcin took to the stage for the first time today

The first rehearsal for Poland came today, on 17th May. Their was the first in the schedule. The blue backstage lighted the scene and Marcin started singing. The beginning of the song has been changed, now it is slower, more emotional. That is the final version of the song. Beside him, we saw the female… Read more

Milan Stankovic got strong applause

After a long time of wondering how the Milan Stankovic and the Serbian entry would look on stage we go the answer today. The song is the same, but with a totally different look. At the National final, you could see the mix of traditional and modern clothes on Milan and his dancers. Today they decided… Read more

A great atmosphere for Kuunkuiskaajat’s 1st rehersal

The two girls decided to foster an atmosphere which will be remembered on the stage. Wearing white costumes togther with the dancers, playing accordion and just making great sound with a song in their native Finnish langauge. The two girls had long white dresses, one girl with violin had kind a similar dress, and the two male dancers were also… Read more

Slovakia’s turn for first rehersal

Kristina and her team decided to keep the performance quite much in the same way as they had it in the Slovakian national final. They do however have some changes and innovations compared to the national final performance. The slovakian rehearsal performance starts out in much the same way as in the national final. They… Read more

Peter Nalitch takes his first rehearsal for Russia

Rehearsals started earlier today, and so everyone has had to start working. Some of them needed to get up very early this morning. The first rehearsal began at 9.30am Oslo time. Peter Nalitch was the second to get his first rehearsal out of the way. Peter sang several times during his rehearsal. The first was sound, so in that… Read more

Eurovision fever before the trip to Oslo

One whole year we need to wait for Eurovision, then what is happening? We get excited and start remembering pretty things from the past contests. Fevers like preparing for the trip, missing our friends who we meet once a year. Euroclub and parties, taking crazy pictures, working hard, smiling for promo-materials. A few months ago we… Read more

New Version of the Song for Vukasin Brajic

It’s less than one week left when everything about Eurovision 2010 will start. Bosnia and Herzegovina chose Vukasin Brajic and he has the support of the whole country. But, a few weeks before the trip, the team decided to make a new arrangement of the song. Now, they say it is more powerful and energetic.… Read more

Presentation of the Thunder and Lightning – Vukasin Brajic

On 11th January, Bosnia and Herzegovina and national broadcaster BHRT, decided to go with Vukašin Brajić for the Eurovision Song Contest this year. They chose the young pop-rock musician, who took 2nd prize in the popular TV show, Fame Academy. The professional jury for the Bosnia & Herzegovina’s national selection, BH Eurosong 2010, decided on… Read more

Milan Stankovic to represent Serbia in Oslo 2010

The fourth participant has been chosen to represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. Every year in March, the audience eagerly wait to see their participants in this contest. On 29 December RTS confirmed its new selection process: an internally selected composer will write a number of songs to be sung by singers… Read more

Feminnem Won, But This Time for Croatia 2010 in Oslo

Tonight, Croatia chose it’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. After a show lasting more than three hours, the audience at the Crystal Hall in Opatija supported the winner. Sixteen songs were participating in tonight’s show, eight of them qualified from the semi-final last night, and eight were directly qualified through being… Read more

Dora 2010 – Eight Songs Qualify For Final

Tonight Croatia held the semi-final of its Dora contest. The event happened in the Crystal Hall in Opatija, a much used venue for the Dora. Of the sixteen songs, eight qualified for the final. The show was held in the Crystal Hall of the Kvarner Hotel in Osjek. The hosts of the semi-final were Nevena… Read more

Three Then One for Oslo – Serbian national selection

After a few weeks of speculation in Belgrade, the candidates who will participate in the Serbian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, in Oslo have been revealed. During the selection of the singers, it was hard to make the decision about which singers will be singing in the final. There was a lot… Read more

Ansambel Roka Žlindre & Kalamari For Slovenia in Oslo 2010

Tonight, Slovenia found its winner to represent it in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo, Norway. Ansambel Roka Zlindre & Kalamari received the most votes, an amazing 15907! Slovenia is one of the countries which will participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The song was chosen through the well established EMA contest, organised… Read more

Gjoko Taneski for FYR Macedonia in Oslo

Last night the final in Skopje Fest 2010 was held. This is the national selection for FYR Macedonia. After 16 songs performed in Universal arena yet another song was ready for the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Gjoko Taneski won via combined jury and televoting. After two semifinals, where 8 was picked from each a… Read more

Second semifinal Skopje Fest 2010 – FYR Macedonia’s selection

Tonight FYR Macedonia held their second semi-final. They chose yet another eight performers who will sing tomorrow again at the final to pick the representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. Via two semi-finals a total of 16 acts are now ready for the final. This show tonight was broadcast on MKRTV –… Read more