Milan Stankovic got strong applause

After a long time of wondering how the Milan Stankovic and the Serbian entry would look on stage we go the answer today. The song is the same, but with a totally different look.

At the National final, you could see the mix of traditional and modern clothes on Milan and his dancers. Today they decided to stay with folk-pop sound of music, but to create the stage in some modern style and the people on it.

The background was changing the colors of the lights. Mostly we could see the red and some light purple colors behind them. But from the second part of the song background was changing the colors a lot.There was the silver decorations on the stage, In them were the singer and the dancers at the beginning, when they started going out from them, and performing at the stage. There were four dancers, two guys and two girls. They were dancing alternately, while Milan was in the middle.

They have sporty clothes, because this is still the rehearsals, and they don’t need to wear the clothes which will wear at the dress rehearsal and semi finals or in final. At the end, Milan have great energy with himself which is bringing on the stage. People who were watching this parts of the show was supporting him a lot.


First rehersal of Serbia

Source: EuroVisionary
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