Slovenia has second rehersal

Slovenia had its second rehersal today in the Telenor Arena, where the staff started organising the space and the seats. Everything is on set, with just a few more rehersals needs to be done until we will see the semi-finals.

These days all rehersals are a bit faster than the first days, because the semi-finals are coming very soon. The Slovenes had today theír rehearsal again, and in that view we can say that their performance was better today than the first one. Everything is more organized; the spotlights stayed the same, but the crew now knows what to do.

This Ansambel took the same song, mix of folk and rock, singing in the native Slovene language. The participants are divided in a folk and rock style, depending on the singing parts. The lights were usually red on the stage, but with a black and silver one changing in a view of the song. Participants had also different clothes, with the one who sings rock part dressed in rock-style with leather jacket and trousers, while the one with folk song had national Slovene costume.

There was six on the stage: the male and female singers, an accordion player, contrabass and two guitar players. The sound was good, maybe they will need to fix a bit the intensity of the tone.

Source: EuroVisionary
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