Eurovision fever before the trip to Oslo

One whole year we need to wait for Eurovision, then what is happening? We get excited and start remembering pretty things from the past contests. Fevers like preparing for the trip, missing our friends who we meet once a year. Euroclub and parties, taking crazy pictures, working hard, smiling for promo-materials.

A few months ago we started thinking and imagining how this Eurovision Song Contest would be. Listening to the songs, telling our thoughts, looking for what we should bring in Oslo, or can we even go? Now, there’s just a few more days left.

Every year we are exited about this contest, then we go back home and tell everyone about our adventures and happenings. After a few nights we start being little sad, because we need to wait one entire year when this event will knock on our doors again. Last year I haven’t even planned to go and visit Oslo, I mean, I wanted to, but it was too early to think how it should look like. From Moscow, my bags were full of promo materials and souvenirs. It was interesting a few more weeks after maybe, and then I put them in some corner of my room, including with accreditations and just keep them as a good memories.

This year will be the same. I left some free space in my travelling bag where I can put the promo materials at the end of this event. But the thing is packing. Usually everyone has kind of the same problem, what to bring? We hear on television or on the Internet that the weather in Norway is changeable. Cold and rainy nights while this country sees the sun during the day. I was searching some sites and found information about it. They said, the perfect combination is to pick layered clothes so you can dress on or dress off depending on the time. But again that is not enough info. You just need to feel the weather. We pick many different stuff and put them near the bag, when we start packing it usually goes, but in the end the bag can’t close. We put out all things and then start again, few times again, the same story. Then we get a bit angry and leave the room in such a mess. No offence to anyone, but it’s always the same song in my case.

Also, you all have so many friends from Eurovision contests. Doesn’t matter whether they are singers, composers, journalists, organizers or just fans, you take them near your heart and can’t wait to see them again. When we get back to our hometowns we are too busy with our ordinary life. We don’t have much time to travel and visit them, but in some point, when you see each other you missed them more, you love them more, just because of those miles which separated you. Of course you are always in touch about latest news through many social networks, but seeing someone in real life is something completely different. Then you see how many amazing friends you have all over the Europe or world, but you can be with them only few days. 

Will they give us some free drinks in Euroclub like in Moscow? Will they play more Eurovision music in Euroclub? Will we have time to meet everyone that we wanted to? Can we take pictures with the singers? And many other questions. Euroclub? No one mentioned that lately. Can you remember just one minute what happened before there. Remember. You see, what this event can bring you all. Not just waving flags or listening to songs, many many more. No one can understand you better than us who love Eurovision same as you do.

See you all in Oslo again. For the ones who won’t be there, don’t worry, we all do remember our friends.

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