It was ‘more than words’ for Harel Skaat

Today, rehersals began for the songs from the second semi-final. The third song to sing today was Israel and the beautiful voice of Harel Skaat. And his words were saying many things.

Before he started singing, people who came to the arena were so excited about listening his song live. Israel flags were being waved by fans and supporters.

He was bathed in blue light, centring on him, while around was black like the night. In some views you realised that it was the night with stars in the sky, meaning the lights at the background. The atmosphere was romantic, touching, and everyone enjoyed his amazing voice.

There were four of them on the stage: Harel, one pianist and two male backing vocalists. We could see his eyes were shining while he was singing. You just cannot hate this song.

Source: EuroVisionary
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