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Eurovision 2017: Iceland’s Svala in focus

2017 began with high hopes for Iceland with Svala and her mid tempo pop – R&B song ‘Paper’. That year, unfortunately the international viewers were not that impressed so the song failed to make it to the final. After 4 years, Eurovision fans discuss this entry and what went wrong. Read more

Eurovision 2004: Cyprus’ Lisa Andreas in focus

Cyprus has 37 participations but no victory to date. Yet they have many successful entries which have placed top 5. One of these is their 2004 entry ‘Stronger Every Minute’ by Lisa Andreas. 15 years later, this entry is still remembered and appreciated by Eurovision fans. Read more

Eurovision 2013: San Marino’s Valentina Monetta in focus

Valentina Monetta is surely a Eurovision icon with 4 participations, three in a row and the last one as a duet with Jimmie Wilson. Unfortunately, she has not been that lucky with the results. ‘Crisalide (Vola)’ her second participation representing her country is one of the most liked ones though it failed to qualify for… Read more

Eurovision 1982: Austria’s Mess in focus

Austria is one of the major countries of the Eurovision Song Contest with their 53 participations and two victories, in 1966 and 2014. Today’s focus is on their joyful entry from 1982 ‘Sonntag’ by the group Mess. Some fans find it sweet, catchy and joyful but it obviously didn’t appeal to some others. Read more

Eurovision 2010: Albania’s Juliana Pasha in focus

Albania has been known to send strong vocals (mostly females) with ethnic songs. Their 2010 entry ‘It’s All About You’ by Juliana Pasha had a more modern sound compared to their other entries. Fans mostly like the song, but several notice Juliana’s English pronunciation being slightly off. Read more

Eurovision 2008: Bulgaria’s Deep Zone & Balthazar in focus

Bulgaria can be considered a successful country in Eurovision in general. However, the country has had its share of disappointment from time to time. Their 2008 entry ‘DJ, Take Me Away’ is one of the entries that Bulgaria wasn’t able to carry to the final. Eurovision fans really shows different thoughts about this entry. Read more