Melodifestivalen 2020: Result of Second Chance heat

Eight acts spread on to four duels with each their voting, that was the formular used tonight to select the last four participants in the Swedish final. Next Saturday, the final of Melodifestivalen will pick the Swedish 2020 representative.

For the first time in the long history of Melodifestivalen, the show had moved to Eskilstuna. The city located in mid-east Sweden is home to less than 70.000 inhabitants. Quite a lot of the many who didn’t get tickets to the show, probably tuned into SVT 1 this evening along with the rest of the country – and many international viewers too.

The eight acts taking part are the ones who finished 3rd and 4th in each of the four regular heats. Exactly who would meet each other in the duels were decided by SVT based on that a 3rd place would be up against a 4th place, and that no one could meet one from their own previous heat.

Duel 1

Anis Don Demina Vem E Som Oss


Ellen Benediktson & Simon PeyronSurface

We met Anis in the third heat in Luleå. As energetic as his performance was, he however was beaten by Mariette and Mohombi, who went straight to the final. He was sick back then, but tonight that was behind him, and he was ready to give it that extra punch he hopes is enough to secure the place in the final this time.

Strangly enough, one half of the duo, Anis is competing against was also sick in her regular heat. Ellen & Simon took part in the fourth heat. Most of the TV viewers probably didn’t notice it, but Ellen had problems with her voice, and got hit by a sinusitis infection as she came home from the show. After some days, on penicillin, she has now fully recovered, it seems.

Winner: Anos Don Demina

Duel 2

Malou PrytzBallerina


Paul ReyTalking In My Sleep

Malou have have had plenty of time to rethink any ajustments to her first performance as she qualified for tonight from the very first heat back on the 1st of February. She was beaten by two with Eurovision experience; Robin Bengtsson and The Mamas. Minor ajustments has been made, but not really anything the viewers will notice.

In the second heat, we met Paul Rey. Just like Malou, he was also beaten by a former Eurovision participant; Anna Bergendahl – and also just like Malou, he made changes too his performance too. The lightning has been tricked a little bit, but most noticable, a pre-recorded backing vocal is now in place. It was planned for the first appearance too, but the sound file simply disappeared.

Winner: Paul Rey

Duel 3

Felix SandmanBoys With Emotions


Frida ÖhrnWe Are One

Felix premiered his Boys With Emotions entry in the first heat of Melodifestivalen. Him and SVT’s production team have worked a bit with camera work and lighting prior to his performance tonight.

Up against Frida, we meet Frida again. It’s just a week ago since she performed last as she took part in the fourth heat. She asked for more smoke, which however was tough to inhale, so finding the right mix what was she spent the previous week on.

Winner: Felix Sandman

Duel 4

Mendez feat. Alvaro EstrellaVamos Amigos


DrängarnaPiga & Dräng

We first met Mendez feat. Alvoro Estrella in the second heat. They were quite pleased with the performance which brought them to this second chance, and contrary to many of others who made small adjustments, nothing has been changed here.

Just like Mendez, Drängarne didn’t change anything either – although they jokingly reports that they took an ekstra egg for breakfast. The group took part in the third heat.

Winner: Mendez feat. Alvaro Estrella

The four winners will join the eight acts that went straight to the final by finishing first or second in their regular heat. On Saturday, the 7th of March, Sweden will pick the winner of Melodifestivalen 2020 – the act that will represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in May.

Entertainment in Second Chance heat

After the performances from the eight competing acts, SVT turned their focus on to their Hall of Fame. Several well known names took the stage – this is just some of them. If ypu can find it, check it out.

    • Lill Lindfors (Sweden 1966) and Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden 2015) performed Lill’s own Eurovision entry Nygammal vals.
    • Towa Carson, Siw Malmkvist (Sweden 1960) and Ann-Louise Hanson performed a medley of seven songs.
    • Loreen (Sweden 2012) performed Fiction Feels Good.
    • Björn Skifs (Sweden 1978 and 1981) and Tomas Ledin (Sweden 1980) performed a medley of six songs.

Nanne, James Corden and Carpool Karaoke

Nanne Grönvall failed to continue in the selection from last week’s fourth heat. Her song Carpool Karaoke however reached well beyond the boarders of Sweden. She adressed talkshow host James Corden in the song, who is also the inspiration for the song. He picked up on it, and invited her meet up – either in US or in Sweden.

In tonight’s heat, Nanne was asked about it, and confirmed that she is up for it! So, while Nanne definetly won’t represent Sweden at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, we can probably expect another chapter to be written about this.

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