Setúbal celebrates this week the Eurovision Live Concert

After the success achieved in previous editions, the Portuguese city, Setúbal will this week host, for the fifth consecutive year, the traditional Eurovision Live Concert. This time it will run over three days from the 5th to the 7th of September and several former Eurovision artists will be there.

The initiative started in 2009 and all its editions have had great success every year with a large number of artists, coming from several European countries, performing on the stage of Setúbal, which is prepared in a special way for the event.

The organizers of the Eurovision Live Concert work in a committed way and that is why the show grows every year, the image gets renewed, the quality increased and it achieves more supporters which is also great for promoting the city where it is held and boosting the local economy. Since most of the artists who perform in this festival have a solid music career and they enjoy great popularity in their native countries, it is expected that this year, more than 6000 people from all over Europe will attend the event.

Since this year marks the fifth anniversary of the event, the organizers have decided to celebrate it with three days of shows and parties and offering several entertainment options to the audience attending the event.

Keeping in mind the essence of the initial project, some Portuguese artists will be in charge of opening the event. Thus, the show which is planned for Thursday, September 5 will feature some of the best Portuguese voices, of which many of them have represented their country at the Eurovision Song Contest such as Anabela (1993), Vânia Fernandes (2008) or Filipa Sousa (2012). Some of them are also well known for having participated at the Festival da Canção such as Piedade Fernandes, Liana, Ana Laíns or Carla Pires. The show will be hosted by Natália Abreu and Marco Lopes and will be held in the Municipal Forum Luisa Todi in Setúbal.

In the same place the concert on Friday will be, which will be split in two parts based on two different cultures and musical genres. In the first part, the young Israeli musician Chen Aharoni, who took part in the Kdam Eurovision selection in 2011, will perform some of his ballads sung in Hebrew which are full of musicality and sounds characteristic of the Middle East. He will be sharing the stage with last year’s Israeli Eurovision representative Moran Mazor. The second part of the show Vlad Miriţă will be in charge, he is the the pop and opera singer who represented Romania at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

The big show will take place on Saturday, the 7th of September, at the Auditorium José Afonso and it will feature the performances of a large number of artists from different countries and musical styles. Some of them performed on previous evenings but they will also be part of the final show such as Vânia Fernandes, Moran Mazor or Vlad Miriţă. Besides them, the line up is as follows: Alexandros Panayi (Cyprus, 1995 and 2000), Jalisse (Italy, 1997), Daniela Varela, the leading vocalist of the group Flor-de-Lis (Portugal, 2009), Buket Bengisu (Turkey, 2002), Birgitta Haukdal (Iceland, 2003), Roberto Bellarosa (Belgium, 2013) and Ryan Dolan (Ireland, 2013).

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