Csézy triumphs in Hungary

I know that many of you couldn’t see the final, but we assure you that that was the result. While many you sat in front of your computer screens around Europe and the rest of the world someone in Hungary either forgot to start the webcast or it severely malfunctioned.

There was a total of 15 entries for the Hungarian to choose from last night. This is how the jury voted;

39 pts – Adrien Szekeres, Piszkos tánc
38 pts – Csézy, Szívverés
36 pts – Antal Zsuzsa & Fishers Company, Falak között
34 pts – Vágó Zsuzsi Zsuzsi Mészáros Árpád Zsolt, Két szív
34 pts – Pflum Orsi, Távol
33 pts – Gál Csaba Boogie, Úgy figyeltelek
31 pts – Mónika Hoffman, Légy te az Első
30 pts – Orsi Szatmari, Véletlen
30 pts – Lola, Legszebb nap
30 pts – Fiesta, Gyűlölve szeretni
27 pts – Imre Zsuzsa, Érintés
27 pts – 21 gramm, Még egy dal
26 pts – Dure, Nem ismerlek már
26 pts – Candies, Van aki nyer
22 pts – EZ ONE zenekar, Lesz ki hazavár

The televote decided a little differently, but surprisingly similar given how much the public and the jury votes often differ. This is how the scoreboard finished at the end of the night.

01. Csézy, Szívverés
02. Szekeres Adrien, Piszkos Tánc
03. Vágó Zsuzsi & Mészáros Árpád Zsolt, Két szív
04. Antal Zsuzsanna & Fishers Company, Falak között
05. Fiesta, Gyűlölve szeretni
06. Lola, Legszebb Nap

Csézy will represent Hungary with the song ‘Szívverés’ in the second semifinal on the 22nd May.


Csézy’s official homepage

In my view

This is one of those Hungarian songs that just sounds really nice but so out of date. This doesn’t worry me though because the Hungarians seem to know how to present these songs so well. I think this song is excellent though.

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