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Ruslan Alehno talks to EuroVisionary

A lot will be expected of Ruslan Alehno after Belarus’ first top ten finish in 2007. He kindly took a few minutes to answer some questions for us and tell us how he feels about it all. Can you take this chance to introduce yourself to our readers in your own words? Well, firstly I… Read more

Brian tells Dustin to “break a feather”

Brian Kennedy is continuing to promote his new album and today he was on one of RTÉ’s chat shows, Seoige & O’Shea, to give an interview and plug the CD. He spoke very openly with Gráinne Seoige about his career and his new album.  Gráinne asked Brian how he felt about Ireland choosing to send Dustin… Read more

Dustin’s song becomes a ringtone

Rarely before has there been such interest in the Irish Eurovision entry. This year the Irish public are being given the chance to have Dustin’s infamous song as their very own ringtone. Glomobi are offering customers in Ireland the chance to download Dustin’s song, ‘Irelande Douze Pointe’, as their ringtone.  If you are in the… Read more

First graphic video of the stage published

While a graphic of the finalised stage design for the 2008 contest had been online for a few weeks now no such video was available. A short 25 second graphic clip of the stage shows how it may look come May. You can find the video at the site here: 2008 stage video This seems to… Read more

Dustin backs down over ‘Macedonia’ lyric

The name Macedonia is a very troublesome one indeed and yet again the affect of the dispute is being felt in the Eurovision Song Contest.  The lyrics of Ireland’s 2008 entry dared to include Macedonia in a list of countries that Dustin claims to love. It appears however that RTE and John Morrison (Dustin) have… Read more

More unrest in Kosovo

Since the Kosovan government announced it’s decision to declare independence from Serbia there has been much unrest in that part of the world.  Demonstrations were numerous and Serbs were united in condemnation. Yesterday in the mainly Serb city of Mitrovica UN forces came under heavy attack from rioters and were forced to retreat. 70 civilians… Read more

Editorial: Eurovision 2008 draw analysis

Yesterday was the day that most fans and national broadcasters dread with equal anxiety. A good draw can help you on your way to a good result but it can also set an entry up for a massive fall. The one thing that most people involved in an entry don’t want is to be drawn… Read more

Miodio launch official video of ‘Complice’

Many fans have been wishing for a return of Italy to the contest and this year it has nearly come true.  2008 sees San Marino’s first entry and they have just launched the official promotional video. This is the first time that the small Republic has had to complete such a task.  As it happens… Read more

NDR concludes entry is not plagiarised

Accusations of plagiarism were waged against the German 2008 entry by a German radio station.  NDR has now issued a press release in which they totally deny that any evidence exists that proves this argument. The story has been picked up by many news outlets in Germany and so NDR has felt it necessary to… Read more

San Marino picks the band Miodio

San Marino is taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time this year.  Earlier today it was announced by the special committee that the band Miodio had been chosen as the San Marinese entry. The band will sing the song ‘Complice’ in the first semi final of this year’s contest on the… Read more

Tereza Kerndlova to support Rihanna

After successful appearances in both Latvian and Ukrainian national finals, Czech representative, Tereza Kerndlova will now support one of the best known artists in the world. Rihanna will be holding a concert in Prague on the 20th of March. The artist who has already sold over 9 million albums worldwide has chosen Tereza to be… Read more

Tereza Kerndlová talks to EuroVisionary

In an exclusive interview with Tereza Kerndlova reveals her thoughts about competing in the forthcoming contest.  She also told us about her stage act for the contest, amongst other things. Can I ask you to start by introducing yourself to the fans who may know little about you yet? I professionally started singing when I… Read more

Zeljko & Jovana to host 2008 contest

RTS today announced the two hosts for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.  Zeljko Joksimovic will accompany Jovana Kankovic in the task of presenting this year’s show. It comes as a big surprise to many who had linked several famous Serbian celebrities with the roles.  As many of you will already know Zeljko came second in the… Read more

Line-up of Eurosong ’08 final decided

It’s the Flemish turn to pick a song to represent the country at the Eurovision and they seem to be enjoying it.  The quarter finals and semi finals are finally over. Many often wonder why they take so long to pick an entry but the Belgians themselves seem to like Eurosong and it’s format that… Read more

Diana to represent Georgia at Eurovision

She won the combined jury and public vote with nearly 40% of all votes. It was a clear two horse race with her closest competitor taking 1/3 of the points. The other 10 songs had to share less than 30% of points. It’s not the first time that Diana tried to reach the Eurovision Song… Read more

Latvia sends Pirates of the sea to Belgrade

The Latvians haven’t had the easiest ride in Eurovision over the last few years, their last good result was thanks to Walters & Kazha back in 2005.  Now they have seen Estonia’s and Ireland’s entries and decided to follow suit.  It was always going to be between Andris Erglis and the Pirates of thesea but… Read more

Swedes choose Charlotte & Linda

With only the second chance round between tonight’s semi and the final in the Globen arena things were really hotting up. Three of tonights semifinalists have already graced the Globen stage as Melodifestivalen finalists and one had already won the whole thing back in 1999. Things played out like every other final thus far and… Read more

It’s Kalomira Sarantis for Greece!

Greece’s choice of representative, has, for the last few years, drawn a lot of attention from all around Europe.  This year’s selection was no different, the high quality, if a little drawn out show, was well received by many. The well known Maggira Sisters were the hosts of tonight’s Greek National Final.  The voting proceedure… Read more

Bo’az sings Ke’ilo kan and Dana’s back!

The results show, of Kdam 2008, took place on Israeli Channel 2 on Tuesday and was hosted by a particularly jolly Tzvika Hadar.  It is the first time ever that IBA have relinquished the rights to hold the Israeli national final in any format.  IBA will still broadcast the Eurovision itself. This partnership seems to… Read more

Marija Šerifović talks to EuroVisionary

While on Saturday many Serbs were still majorly peeved about their loss of Kosovo, Marija Šerifović was in Ireland to judge the songs and singers for the Irish TV viewing public.  She took some time to talk to us. How does it feel to be in Ireland? It’s good, I like to meet new people… Read more

“Specialized group” meet today to decide on plaigiarism accusations

Yesterday published an article about the Romanian plaigiarism accusations so you could discuss the validity of the accusations.  TVR have taken all these messages very seriously and decided to investigate. TVR has told EuroVisionary that they have assembled a "specialized group" to take a closer look at the similarities between ‘La Magia del Corazon’ and… Read more

Dana talks to

Dana took some time on Saturday evening at the Irish national final to talk to us and answer a few important questions.  She was concerned about Eurovision’s future "I think that the integrity of Eurovision needs to be protected". What did you think of the songs tonight, were you impressed? Well, I’m just relieved that… Read more

Editorial: Has Ireland finally gotten the joke?

With what was expectedly the most controversial Irish national final ever now behind us,  we take an overview of the day’s happenings at the venue.  We were there all day and got some interesting insider info. It’s the morning after the night before, well actually it’s not, but it would have been if it hadn’t taken eight… Read more

It’s a long, long way to Tipperary!

Well not quite Tipperary but Limerick, its near enough.  In an effort to cover Eurovision news in every country as closely as possible we are going to Limerick today to cover the Irish national final, Eurosong 2008, LIVE!  EuroVisionary will be in Limerick to cover the rehearsals and all other goings on.  If you would… Read more

EBU held urgent meeting on host city today!

EBU decided to stick with Belgrade as the host city. They believe that with the extra security RTS has guaranteed there wont be any problems in helding the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade – despite the current situation with Kosovo. Previously reported today: The news that many ESC fans have feared for the last few… Read more

Israeli songs get first outing on Eurovil

The Israelis have had a hard time of it in Eurovision in the last two year’s.  Eddie in 2006 and Teapacks in 2007 both failed to reach the high bar that Shiri Maymon had set in 2005.  Can Bo’az live up to her 4th place finish this year? The Israeli Eurovision site yesterday premiered the… Read more