ByeAlex will represent Hungary with Kedvesem at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

ByeAlex tonight won the 2013 A Dal competition with the song, Kedvesem, and will represent Hungary at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.  After three preliminary selections and two semi-finals, Hungary reached the conclusion with the grand final held in the MTV studios in Budapest.

The songs 

1. Tamás Vastag – Holnaptól

He begins sitting on a bench.  The song is a gentle ballad. There are two female and two male backing singers. He is wearing a black jacket and white shirt with black tie.  The background consists of high rise city buildings at night.

2. Ildikó Keresztes – Nem Akarok Többé Játszani

She is wearing a long black dress.  On stage are two female backing vocalists.  There are also a male and female cellist players as well as male pianist.  The song is a ballad that is very well performed but in my opinion there are stronger ballads in this competition.

3. András Kállay-Saunders – My Baby

A Motown style retro performance and song.  András is wearing a black jacket with white shirt and red bow tie. There are two female and two male backing singers and a male bass player. The screen flashes images of the words My Baby. A happy and upbeat performance.

4.  Gigi Radics – Úgy Fáj

Gigi is wearing a long and elegant black dress. She is joined by two female backing singers, a female cellist, a male pianist and male drummer.  This is a strong ballad that really builds.  A very strong and positive performance.  Gigi sings from the heart and the audience love this.

5. Gergő Rácz – Csak Állj Mellém

A soft pop rock song with lots of guitar. He is wearing a leather jacket and black trousers.  Interesting performance that the audience also like.

6. Szilvia Agárdi & Dénes Pál  – Szíveddel Láss

Beautiful and emotional ballad.  Strongly performed duet.  Szilvia is wearing a long white dress and Dénes is wearing a white jacket and black shirt.  You can feel the emotion and the audience love this too.

7. Laura Cserepe – Élj pont úgy

Laura is wearing a long white dress.  She is joined by three female backing vocals.  The song begins slowly and gradually grows to anthemic song.  Very strong performance again by Laura. 

8. ByeAlex – Kedvesem

He is wearing grey jacket and dark shirt and also a wool hat.  On stage there is also a male guitarist sitting on a stool and a girl backing vocalist.  A soft rock song that the audience really like.  

The show –

The show was hosted again by Gábor Gundel-Takács with Éva Novodomszky and Márton Buda. The interval act included last year’s Hungarian representatives, Compact Disco.  They performed Sound Of Our Hearts with the Hungarian Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. This sounded very impressive.  The Anti Fitness Club Band also performed with a unique version of Euphoria.

The voting –

The five member jury and televoting provided four songs for the super final.  The four acts to make it were –

  • Tamás Vastag
  • András Kállay-Saunders 
  • Gigi Radics
  • ByeAlex  

The super final was decided totally by televoting.

The winner of the 2013 A Dal is ByeAlex with Kedvesem and will represent Hungary at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

You can see ByeAlex performing Kedvesem below. 

Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Hungary has participated at the Eurovision Song Contest ten times with Friderika Bayer as their first entrant in 1994. It left the competition after the 1998 contest, coming back in 2005 and reaching the 12th place with NOX. In 2006 the country announced it would not participate although it returned in 2007 with Magdi Rúzsa. In 2010 it withdrew due to financial reasons being back in 2011 with Kati Wolf. Last year, the band Compact Disco made it to the final where they were ranked in penultimate position with just nineteen points.

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