Addicted to Laura? New album is just around the corner

After a two year break following the release of her last studio album Ihmeitä in 2011, premier Finnish funkster Laura Voutilainen is back with a brand new album next week entitled KokoNainen (Complete).

For fans of the Finnish beauty Laura Voutilainen, a two year long wait for her newest studio offering will finally be over next week, as her latest album, KokoNainen finally hits the stores. This will be the follow up to her last album Ihmeitä and will be the thirteenth of her career, so scheduling the release of her album to the thirteenth of April couldn’t be more apt.

will feature ten tracks, covering a wide range of music genres but with the common theme of all songs being that of the many aspects of womanhood. Enjoying the status as one of Finland’s most successful female artists, she should have plenty enough to say on the subject. Laura has written all of the lyrics, with duo Maki Kolehmainen and Mats Tärnfors responsible for putting her words into music.

The lead single off the album is Karun Maan Kukka (Flower of the Barren Country) which is currently faring quite well on Finnish radio, thank you very much. It’s already available on iTunes and Spotify, and can be described as a melodic, driving soft rock number which bodes well for the rest of her album to be released on the Universal Music label.

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