Soraya releases new English languaged single

The Spanish dance diva Soraya, who represented Spain in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest has just released her brand new single You Didn’t Do It, which at the same time is a preview of what her coming album is going to sound like.

Soraya made it to the Eurovision stage back in 2009 all covered in Swarovski crystals in a dance packed performance of the song La Noche Es Para Mi. It is well known among fans that her complex performance did not pan out well  in the voting as she ended up last, but that did not put a stop to her career.

Since then she has been very busy shaping herself into the artist she is today, a transformation that started with her ending her contract with the label she used to work for and creating her own music company, Valentia records. Her new single You Didn´t Do It is completely sung in English, and is an explosion of 70´s madness that will certainly make a lot of people take the dance floors all summer long. The single is available to buy on all larger online platforms, but you can see a little sneak in the video below:

Source: Valentia Records
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