Sanremo 2016 Newcomers revealed

The eight newcomer artists and songs for the Nuove Proposte category in Sanremo 2016 has been chosen in a live show on RaiUno. The show was broadcast live from Villa Ormund in Sanremo. The names in the Big category will be announced on 13th of December while Sanremo 2016 will start on the 9th of February and end on 13th of February.

As every year there was a big interest among new and upcoming artists to enter the Nuove Proposte category of the most famous Italian music festival, Sanremo. 646 songs were submitted and only 12 reached the preliminary live show. Half of them quallified to the finals of Sanremo 2016 on February. Another 2 quallifiers came from a Sanremo Academy, an academy open to all musicians with or without a label.

The final result was determined only from a jury consisted by Carlo Conti, Piero Chiambretti, Rosita Celentano, Federico Russo, Carolina Di Domenico, Giovanni Allevi and Andrea Delogu. The songs were presented in trios and then the jury members pick up one to kick out (except Carlo Conti who only decided in case of a tie). Guest stars were Biagio Antonacci and Jasmin Thompson.

  • First elimination:
Chiara Dello Iacovo – Introverso (2 votes)
Cecile – N.E.G.R.A (0 votes)

Valeria e Piero Romitelli – Mai abbastanza (4 votes)

  • Second elimination:
Michael Leonardi – Rinascerai (2 votes)
Una – Amare Stanca (3 votes)
Francesco Gabbani – Amen (1 vote)
  • Third elimination:
Ermal Meta – Odio le favole (1 vote)
Beatrice Visconti – Paulette (5 votes)
Irama – Cosa resterà (0 votes)
  • Fourth elimination:

Siberia – Gioia (2 votes)
Rumor – Il grande salto (2 votes)
Francesco Guasti – Io e te (2 votes)
*by the decision of Carlo Conti, Rumor is out

The 8 songs that were still in the contest were ranked again by the jury and the least voted two were eliminated in order to have the 6 quallifiers for the 2016 Sanremo’s newcomers category. The 6 songs that finally quallified were:

The other two quallifiers as already mentioned were artists from the academy. There were 248 submission, out of which a jury selected eight. Afterwards RAI picked two out of them for Sanremo:
Italian broadcaster RAI had already previously confirmed that the Sanremo 2016 winner will have the right to go to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm for Italy. The Broadcaster has already revealed the dates and the host of the series of shows titled Sanremo. Sanremo 2016 will start on the 9th of February and end on 13th of February. Carlo Conti will once again host all 5 shows. The exact progamme of Sanremo 2016 is as follows:

Serata 1: February 9th (Tuesday)

Serata 2: February 10th (Wednesday)

Serata 3: February 11th (Thursday)

Serata 4: February 12th (Friday)

Serata 5: FINALE – February 13th (Saturday)

Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest

Italy has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 40 times since making its debut at the first contest in 1956. It was one of only seven countries that competed at the very first contest. Italy competed at the contest frequently until 1997. After a fourteen-year absence, the country returned for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, with a respectable second place to Raphael Gualazzi and Madness of Love. Italy has won the contest twice (1964, 1990).

Along with Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, Italy, is one of the Big 5 who are automatically allowed to participate in the final because they are the five biggest financial contributors to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

This year in Vienna, Il Volo was one of the favourites to win. They finished third, but the Italian group was first in the televoting.

Below you can watch Il Volo performing their song Grande Amore at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: EuroVisionary, RAI UNO, Wikipedia
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