Laka (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008) releases a new song Malokrvna

Elvir Laković Laka, who represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, has released a new song yesterday. The name of the song is Malokrvna, which translated into English means Anaemic.

Laka’a new song was premiered on MTV Adria. It is a typical song for Laka – original, different, happy and funny. The singer has composed the song and written the lyrics, which immediately don’t make any sense. Laka sings about an anaemic girl, who apparently is strong enough to help him walk across a beam. Edvin Kalić was responsible for the production of the video for Malokrvna.

Just like in all of his other videos, Laka’s sister Mirela joins him in this video too. The video for Malokrvna is though unique in sense of the first time appearance of three other members of Laka’s band, who are: Matko Gaće (drums), Tomo Miladinović (guitar) and Ozren Franić (bas). The video was filmed in Croatian coastal city of Makarska, which is famous as Bosnians favourite travel destination during the summer time.

About Malokrvna Laka says, that it is a serious sing although the video looks funny. He also pointed out that “anaemic” is not the synonym for an empty-hearted girl. Laka, who is known as a person who likes to make jokes, hopes that his new song will become a number one hit, so he can earn enough money to make a new song. He explains that he is already tired of Malokrvna, as he until now has heard the song at least a million times, and that he is working on his next project.

Laka represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade in 2008. Back then he finished 10th in the grand final with the song Pokušaj.

In the video below you can watch Laka’s new song Malokrvna:

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