Ulrik Munther & Ralf Gyllenhammar voted to the final in Sweden tonight

In tonights fourth heat of Melodifestivalen two more finalists have been selected – all in the same arena that will host the Eurovision song contest in May. In the end two favourites stood as tonights biggest winners.

Six finalists had been chosen in the first three heats. These are:

From heat 1: David Lindgren & Yohio
From heat 2: Sean Banan & Louise Hoffsten
From heat 3: State of Drama & Ravaillacz

Tonight two more finalists were to be chosen while the third and fourth placed songs will be given a second chance to qualify next Saturday in the fifth heat called "Andra chansen" where they will compete about two places in the final together with the previous heats third and fourth placed songs.

The songs: (You can read more about the participants in our Get To Know article

1. Army of LoversRockin’ the Ride (written by: Alexander Bard, Henrik Wikström, Per QX, Andreas Öhrn, Jean-Pierre Barda)

The comebacking cult group Army of Loves kicks of this heat with a crazy show number. The song features a dance beat with a distinguished nanana-part repeated over and over. La Camilla is sitting in a throne doing little except from a bit of talking in the middle of the song. Alexander is dressed in a blue costume while Jean-Pierre and the four dancers moves (at one stage crawls) around on the stage wearing minimal clothes. The song is not Army of Lovers strongest, instead more relying on a spectacular show with some rather provocative parts. But is it enough to make the viewers vote them top 4?

2. Lucia PiñeraMust Be Love (written by: Peter Kvint, Jonas Myrin)

Lucia wears a black dress with a see-through black skirt paired with a neon yellow belt. Behind Lucia there are three backing singers. Both Lucias voice and the song has quite a lot of Adele over it. That could speak in favour for her. What speaks against her is the starting number and she might be forgotten in the end.

3. Robin StjernbergYou (written by: Robin Stjernberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb och Joakim Harestad Haukaas)

Robin starts the song alone on the stage. There is a fog around him out of where five dancers appears. Robin performs this somewhat boybandish song with a great deal of feelings and emotions. At the end of the song pyrotechnique is used to create a rain of fire in the background. The song is well received by the audience in the arena.

4. Sylvia Vrethammar Trivialitet (Written by: Thomas G:son, Calle Kindbom, Mats Tärnfors)

In this bossanova song Sylvia wears a white dress and behind her on the stage the huge letters S Y L V I A has been set up. The letters themself are made of see-through glass. Later in the song the dancer Daniel Gills joins her on the stage. The song has a relaxed feeling but these kind of songs normally has very tough to make it through to the top 5.

5. Ralf Gyllenhammar – Bed on Fire (Written by: Ralf Gyllenhammar, David Wilhelmson)

Ralf sits at a white grand piano and sings a real classic rock ballad. Pyrotechnique is used throw flames all over the stage and creates an impressive effect. Flames also comes out from the piano. Ralf had problems with forgetting the lyrics during several occations during the rehearsals but seems fine this time and could very well make it all the way to Friends Arena.

6. Behrang Miri – Jalla dansa sawa (Written by: Behrang Miri, Anderz Wrethov, Firas Razak Tuma, Tacfarinas Yamoun)

Behrang Miri performs a bouncy and catchy song together with two other singers and five dancers on the stage. The song has some parts with Behrang doing a bit of rap. The song is similar in it’s style to France’s Eurovision entry from 2010 – Allez Olla Ole. A happy song that works throug the tv-screen and looks like a contender to go throuh to the final. 

7. Terese Fredenwall – Breaking The Silence (Written by: Terese Fredenwall, Simon Petrén)

This soft and gentle song features Terse alone on the stage with her guitar. A wind machine creates the effect of the wind blowing through Tereses hair. The song is pleasant, it goes a bit in the same style as Lisa Miskovskys song from last years MF but somehow there’s a feeling that something is lacking and Terese looks maybe a bit nervous too.

8. Ulrik MuntherTell the World I’m Here (Written by: Peter Boström, Thomas G:son, Ulrik Munther)

The last song to be performed of this years 32 entries is maybe also the biggest favourite to win. Ulrik performs his song alone on the stage. Behind him is a huge screen that shows scenarios all through the song, from pictures of space and earth to shots of city lights and a tunnel. This is a kind of new Ulrik as the song is rockier than what we heard from Ulrike last year and the sound is comparable when hearing it goes to U2. Will his new style work and will he do a better result than last years top 3 in the final?

The show:

Instead of showing a recap of the last weeks heats we are this time presented by a tongue in cheek opening number where the Eurovision theme is played in the beginning. A short dancing number if followed by Danny & Gina playing the role as Eurovision hosts with a bad english vocabulary and pronunciation. They are suddenly are interrupted as the ESC 2013 host Petra Mede enters the stage and lectures up the hosts for mocking with Eurovision.

After the eight performances there’s a quick runthrough of the songs for the TV-viewers. Gina meets the performers in the Green Room for some short interviews, then follows a pre-recorded sketch where actor and comedian Per Andersson does an act about an entry that did not make it to Melodifestivalen.

After having the first results where the top five songs goes through to the second round of voting we are treated with a second runthrough of the remaining songs. Then follows an interval act where the pop group of Alcazar makes a cheered comeback singing a medley of the songs – Stay the night, Alcastar and Not a Sinner Nor a Saint. During the performance Danny Saucedo becomes the fourth member of the group together with Tess Merkel, Andreas Lundstedt and Lina Hedlund. 

The results:

Five songs went through from the first round of voting:

Song 3: You by Robin Stjernberg
Song 5: Bed on Fire by Ralf Gyllenhammar
Song 6: Jalla dansa sawa by Behrang Miri
Song 7: Breaking The Silence – Terese Fredenwall
Song 8: Tell the World I’m Here – Ulrik Munther

After the second round of voting ended the first finalist to be announced was Ulrik Munther. The second finalist was Ralf Gyllenhammar.

Behrang Miri and Robin Stjernberg were 3rd and 4th and goes to Andra chansen (the second chance heat).

The rest of the results:
5. Terese Fredenwall
6. Army of Lovers
7. Sylvia Vrethammar
8. Lucia Piñera
(Note: who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th is not revealed).

Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Sweden debuted in the contest in 1958 and has an impresssive record in
the contest with five wins: 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999 and 2012. The country
has many top 5 finishes but had some rather disappointing results in
the end of the 00’s until Eric Saade restored some of the glory by taking 3rd place with Popular and the year after the success was a fact with Loreens Euphoria.

Source: EuroVisionary
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