Tim Schou and Kat Stephie win springboard competition

With a jump from the 10 metre platform A Friend In London’s leadsinger Tim Schou took home the trophy to him and his jumping partner, Sukkerchok’s Kat Stephie, in the reality programme Stjerner På Vippen. With the victory came also several bad bruises though. 

Right from the first jumps in the competion where famous people, divided onto team, compete in jumping from the springboard, Tim Schou and Kat Stephie were among the favourites to win. It mainly was due to Tim Schou fearless throwing himself onto higher and more difficult jumps. Kat Stephie backed him up and performed her own jumps very well, although she decided to stick to lower heights.

For the final, held last night, two couples had to pull out due to injuires. Left was three couple to fight for the victory of Stjerner På Vippen (Stars on the springboard). Those couples were: Actress Carla Mickelborg & Countess Josephine of Rosenborg, handball players Christina Krogshede & Josephine Touray and singers Tim Schou & Kat Stephie.

Tim and Kat had more than just their profession in common as both have been participating in the Danish final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Kat Stephie twice as a part of the girl trio Sukkerchok and Tim Schou as leadsinger of A Friend In London, who went onto winning and representing Denmark at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with the song New Tomorrow.

In the final the two couples with most points had to compete for the victory with one final jump. The couples decided themselves who should take this last jump – and each time naturally went for their strongest card. In this case it was the handball player Christina Kroghshede and Tim Schou up against each other, as Carla Mickelborg & Josephine of Rosenborg didn’t get enough points to continue.

As first Tim and later Christina had jumped the judges had counted up their points and Tim Schou & Kat Stephie was announced the winners, due to Tim’s last jump.

They quickly became favourites, but in the final it was not sure that Tim & Kat would win as the two handball players jumped better than ever before and Tim failed on his first solo jump, also from the 10 metre platform. After this jump he hurt himself quite badly, but nevertheless he ran straight up to the platform to try again. Afterwards he explained that he had to do that as he had made a promise to himself to deliver a perfect juimp. When he failed to do that he needed to make up for that promise by trying again – and this time a lot better. And then of course in the actual final jump it was near perfect. 

Points in the final:

Participants  Judge 1  Judge 2  Judge 3 
Carla Mickelborg  9/20  8/20  8/20 
Josephine of Rosenborg  14/15  13/15  14/15 
Synchronised  11/15  12/15  13/15 
Christina Krogshede  24/30  25/30  25/30 
Josephine Touray  25/28  25/28  25/28 
Synchronised  20/26  20/26  20/26 
Kat Stephie   20/25  19/25  20/25 
Tim Schou  20/34  19/34  20/34 
Synchronised  14/15  14/15  15/15 

In the direct jump-out against Christina Tim Schou scored a total of 94 out of 102 possible points. It was not mentioned what Christina got for her jump. 

When asked afterwards if he went into this competition expecting to win it Tim answered: "No, because this I didn’t know if I could do. It is not like with Dansk Melodi Grand Prix as I knew I could sing". All through the compeition we have however all seen that Tim is very compeitive and dedicated to everyone he set his mind to, and this isn’t the first TV show he has won since Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. In Autumn 2011 he won Skjulter Stjerner, a talent show on DR, together with the 13 year old son of Gry Johansen, who represented Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983.

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