Tim Schou and Kat Stephie find love on the springboard

12 participants are through to the semi-final in the reality programme Stjerner På Vippen, among them are A Friend In London’s Tim Schou and Sukkerchok’s Kat Stephie. With what is now called the love jump the couple is among the favourites to win. 

After two preliminary shows a total of 12 participants are left in the competition where well known names are competing in jumping from springboards. The 12 jumpers are divided on to six teams. Each one first do an individual jump and then a synchronised one together with their partner. All points are calculated up per team and given in relation to the maximum points possible for the chosen jump.

In the first show we had to say goodbye to the two comedias Anders Bircow and Amin Jensen, who ended up with fewest points after an extra jump against the dancers Claudia Rex and Karina Frimodt. Directly through to the semi-finals were the handball players Josephine Touray and Christina Krogshede and actor Joachim Knop and his partner model Oliver Bjerrehus. 

The only mixed sex couple is Tim Schou and his partner Kat Stephie. When asked if this was a disadvantage for them Tim added that there is nothing more beautiful than a man and a woman jumping together. As they later went on to making the best synchronised jump seen in the programme, which was called the Love jump, the question about them now being a couple romantically, popped up. Kat denied while Tim went on joking about it. Together they however secured themselves the first position and a direct qualification to the semi-finals.

Directly through from the second show was also the sports couple; racing driver Casper Elgaard and boxer Patrick Nielsen. After an extra jump actor Carla Mickelborg and Countess Josephine of Rosenborg went through as well leaving Jonas and Morten from the reality programme Tatoo Salonen out.

Total points from Group 1:

Participants  Judge 1 Judge 2  Judge 3 
Christina 23/28 22/28 23/28
Josephine  7/15 7/15  8/15 
Synchronised  14/17  15/17  14/17 
Oliver Bjerrehus  13/28  12/28  13/28 
Joachim Knop  14/18  12/18  14/18  
Synchronised  14/18  12/18  13/18 
Claudia Rex  14/17  13/17  15/17 
Karina Frimodt  10/13  11/13  10/13 
Synchronised  12/15  10/15  11/15 
Anders Bircow  8/13  6/13  9/13 
Amin Jensen  8/16  7/16  9/16 
Synchronised  11/14  10/14  10/14 

Total points from Group 2:

Participants  Judge 1  Judge 2  Judge 3 
Jonas from Tatoo Salonen  9/15  9/15 9/15 
Morten from Tatoo Salonen  9/17 9/17  9/17 
Synchronised  8/13  8/13  8/13 
Carla Mickelborg  13/17  12/17  13/17 
Josephine of Rosenborg  10/15  9/15  10/15 
Synchronised  12/15  12/15  13/15 
Casper Elgaard  9/15  9/15  10/15 
Patrick Nielsen  12/25  11/25  13/25 
Synchronised  15/17  15/17  15/17 
Kat Stephie  9/18  9/18  9/18 
Tim Schou  13/15  12/15  13/15 
Synchronised  15/17  16/17  15/17 

Tim Schou represented Denmark at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest as leadsinger of A Friend In London. With the song New Tomorrow they came 5th. Kat Stephie has twice been taking part in the Danish final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, as a part of the girl trio Sukkerchok

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